I’m Back!

      Hello, all you wonderful people who read my blog! I am so sorry for my absence, it’s a long story… One that involves a computer filter, my mother, and forgotten passwords. In fact, my filter still blocks my blog but I can edit it and write new posts (just found that out…) but I can not see my blog. It’s quite annoying.

        Hopefully soon, the password will show up in my mother’s mind and I will be able to unblock my blog… I still don’t get why my computer filter blocked it. But, anyways, I shall hope to get back to you later on the “Story of How Mom Remembered My Password”.

        Anyways, enough on my computer’s odd habits… I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month! Basically, I am trying to write the rough draft of my novel in a month! Crazy? Yea, oh yea, it’s crazy… I might be slightly out of my mind, I might be swimming in some really deep waters. Hopefully the word count shark won’t get me. Right now, I am 5k behind, but, I can still make it.

       I have friends who are pushing me to get the word count in and I have awesome characters who’s story needs to be written. We shall win this!

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