The Story Behind The Name

      Well, tada! Mom remembered the password, (finally…) It took some serious brain racking to get it out of there. But hey, at least she remembered the dang thing. But I thought I might give you a bit of insight as to why I named my blog “”

         It’s actually a shout out to one of my first poems that my dad posted to FaceBook. Us as people find release by writing, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, playing music, etc. Something that calms me is singing out into the ocean, because I can’t hear myself, so it doesn’t matter how I sound, the wind just carries it away. And I can sing as loud as I possibly can and no one will look at me weird, unless of course, they’re beside me. But point is, it’s extremely relaxing. Here is is:

  “Singing To The Sea”

I sang out into the sea wind today

It didn’t care how I sounded

I sang to roaring foam as it pounded

I sang all my songs to the roaring waves

I sang out to the sand this morning

I sang loud and I sang clear

I sang about spring coming near

I sang songs of joy, songs of warning

I sang out to gulls today

They answered with their cries

They didn’t care if I sang too high

They were so busy diving where the ocean floor lays

I won’t sing to a camera, I won’t sing for you

But I’ll sing along with the ocean waves

Pounding and foaming and roaring and raving

I’ll sing for the ocean’s hues.

I went out to the sea today

I went out to sing all my songs

To empty my heart at the top of my lungs

I went out to sing to the sea today

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