Stepping Into My Book World

         Well, as many of you people know I am an author. I haven’t published a book yet, but I am getting pretty close, still finding my footing on the mountain that we call “Life”. Today, I thought I’d introduce you to some of my characters in my second book (not a sequel).

        First off, we have my protagonist, Kao. Kao is an Elenien, if you roughly translate it into English it means “elf”. But Kao is much different than normal elves that we hear about. First off, he’s only a foot tall, and he has long, bright red hair down to his shins. He’s a prince and one day, the secret of his kingdom is passed onto him but he doesn’t want to keep it a secret anymore. He wants to figure out if the common people should know about the portals into other worlds, other opportunities. He goes on this quest for knowledge and enlightenment with a dryad that he meets. Who’s name is Tristan.

          Tristan looks kind of like how you would expect a martian to look. He is two feet tall with green metallic colored skin. He has the biggest light green eyes and dark green hair that is always getting in his face. He wears brown pants and a silver cross necklace (that he found in a cathedral). Tristan is my “anti hero” and he’s a lot of fun to write. He doesn’t like Kao at first, but then he grows to look up to him like an older brother.

       Here’s a snippet of their first meeting:


He kept watching the large star that would lead him to the river, where he could run upstream and hopefully find the merfolk. If he could figure out how to get into the portals, he could see what it was like out there. See if it really wasn’t safe for the common people. The star twinkled in the night sky, almost as if it was winking at him. Kao smiled softly, and continued running in the night. Maybe a couple more nights of this, he mused, and then he would reach the river. He could just jump right in the portal, that was what he wanted to do, that was what he felt like he should do. But he needed to know a little bit about the unknown. Only a couple days, no more, he thought, then he would embark on the journey to find the other realms. And hopefully he wouldn’t get caught along the way.
“Hello, hello, hello, what’s all this then?” He heard a voice behind him.
Kreth, he thought, I’m gonna be caught before it even starts. He slowly turned around, trying to keep his head low and wishing that his hair didn’t look so darn red in the light. What he saw, thank goodness, was not a guard but a Dryad. But he had never seen a dryad like this before. He had dark green hair, but instead of being kept short and orderly like most Dryad’s, it was long and hung over his eyes. Just barely touching his nose, then it stopped. He also had a posture much different than normal Dryads, he leaned against the tree with his arms crossed, smirking.
“I should ask you the same.” He kept his head low, trying to talk with respect.
“I’m an angel, you go first.” The Dryad tossed his head, making his hair not quite so over his eyes and Kao caught a glimpse of the greenest eyes he had ever seen.
“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.” Kao really didn’t like this guy. Not at all, he didn’t care that he was a dryad. Didn’t care that he was like an “angel” to his people. No, he was just majorly ticked off that this kid, younger than him, could talk to him like that.
The Dryad smirked again, it seemed to be a permanent expression on his face, Kao thought. “I’m no stranger. I’m a dryad.”
“Don’t care that you’re a flippin’ dryad. I don’t just go around giving out my name to whatever person thinks they want to know. So get out. I’ve better things to do then sit around and talk to you.” Kao was gritting his teeth now.
“Touchy, are we?” The Dryad said, “All I asked was a question. But no, apparently we don’t get any respect anymore…”
“I don’t respect people like you.” Kao sneered, “Get out!”
The Dryad moved over until he was standing right over Kao, and he was twice his size. The smirk was gone now, and he looked mad. “You better.” He lowered his voice, “Kao, heir to the throne of Niadra.”
Kao cursed under his breath, “What do you want?”
“I just want to know how a small little Elenien got lost in the big bad forest.”
“Kid, I’m older than you. Watch who you call small. And my business is mine, and mine alone. Not some Dryad kid who thinks he’s seen it all.” Kao drew a knife silently, hoping he wouldn’t have to fight.
The Dryad leaned down and whispered, “Oh. It’s mine now.”
“Kid, don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, just leave me alone.” He held his knife up in the moonlight and carefully spoke, annunciating every syllable. “Go. Home. Now.”
“Not a chance, and my name’s Tristan.” He clenches his leaf life hands and lowers his head, concentrating.  Then a branch and a vine started floating towards him and a rock, which was very sharp, I might add. And it slowly came together and Kao watched as the vine tied the rock to the branch and it became a knife. Well, a clumsy knife, but a knife all the same.
“Nice trick, kid. What else you got?” Kao was the one smirking now. The Dryad wasn’t smiling, he looked mad.
“I said ‘I’m not a kid!’ My name is Tristan!” He jumped at Kao, with his clumsy knife in hand and their blades crossed. Tristan had an advantage, being twice the size of Kao. But Kao had been training with a knife since he was born. He was no stranger to swordsmanship. Their knives clashed again as they continued swinging and ducking the other’s blows. Kao was getting ticked off, this kid just didn’t know when to give up. Finally, when their knives clashed, again, Kao kicked Tristan in the shins, causing him to drop his knife.  
“Cheater!” He shouted, holding on to his shin.
“Never set the rules.” Kao began to walk away.
“Wait! Let me go with you! I’m good at a lot of things!” Tristan said, pleading.
“Why would you want to go with me?” Kao said.
“I’ve got nothing to lose, and it looks like you’re going on an adventure. I can help you.” Tristan said.
“You can eh?” Kao smirked.
“Yea. Plus I mean, no one here cares, I’m the outcast Dryad.” Tristan said, “Tristan Skylar, the black sheep.”
Kao softened a bit, maybe the kid could help him. “Alright, come on.” Tristan smirked, the child that Kao glimpsed gone, “Told ya, your business is mine.”

Well, that was kind of long, but I had to put all of it, it was just too good not to! I hope you like it!:) Please leave a comment, I would greatly appreciate that. Just five minutes of your time to tell me what you thought and you make 24 hours of my day awesome. It’s a win-win!:)

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