Little Reminders Everywhere

            Pens. A writer’s tool, a writer’s friend. I wear pens actually, always keep them behind my ear, in case a plot bunny attacks me. Which happens sometimes… still have some bruises from the one last week. I love getting asked “Why do you wear a pen?” and then I get to say (I never get tired of saying this) “‘Cause, I’m an author.” It feels so good to say that! I’m. An. Author! All of you writers out there say that with me right now. “I. AM. AN. AUTHOR!”

          Doesn’t that feel awesome? To say that? It always makes me smile. That’s why I wear my pen, because it’s this little reminder for me. Its weight is saying “You’re an author.” That, that makes me happy. Really happy. Plus, they’re good for whacking siblings with, but they’re mostly for writing ideas (or are they?).

         Also, I love mugs. I love the warm cozy feeling of a mug in my hand. I love what’s inside the mug. I had Vanilla Chai this morning (Thanks Mom for sharing! Thanks Aunt Julie for bringing ’em over here!) and it was delicious. Seriously, you have got to try Vanilla Chai. Go make some before you read the rest of this post, I’ll wait for you. Ok, good? You have your chai now? Alright, let’s continue…

     Something about mugs though, and pens, and both of those feelings mixed is reminding me “Hey. You’re an author. You’re good at this.” Who doesn’t love that feeling? That you’re doing what you love and it’s good! It’s that wonderful feeling you get when you get an email or a reply to a chapter and it might just be a couple words, but it’s saying “You did good.”

         I’ve started saying this a couple times a day, when I feel like my writing is crud and I’m never gonna make it out there with all those other books, “I’m an author. I’m still a beginner, BUT I’m an author.” Just because I’m not the next Tolkien now, doesn’t mean I won’t be able to publish a book in four years. I can do this. I am an author. And if you write, you’re one too. So let’s get out there and kick some words’ behinds! I’ll get the pens, you get the Vanilla Chai, we’ll meet later by the tree out back okay? See you then.

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