Writing Sketches

      I like drawing sketches of people. With words. Because I am really horrible at drawing I like writing better, and it’s fun to try and describe someone with words. For example… I’ll give you a writing sketch of my sister.

       “She dances, out of step with the music but it’s beautiful anyway. Cause she doesn’t care. Doesn’t care who watches or what people think. The day will come when she will, but now is not that day. Right now, it’s just her and I in our room, me watching her dance in the small circle of light. She doesn’t dance to an exact genre, it’s not tap or ballet, it’s just her dance. And that makes it even more beautiful to me. It’s not some ballet steps that she rehearsed so many times beforehand, but it’s just her letting the music flow through her. Like the way I write when I listen to music, or sing along, that’s my way of expressing that feeling that music gives us. Her way is dancing, flowing along with the music, twirling a scarf or just dancing crazily around our room. Sometimes she dances slowly, using one of my scarves to twirl around. If she’s happy, she’ll dance around with her stuffed bear and sing loudly, sometimes ignoring the real words of the song and making up her own. And sometimes, she’ll throw a couple cartwheels into this dance that neither her nor I have ever seen before. It makes me feel happy, just watching her dance around in our room, while I am writing on my computer. It’s one of those quiet moments, the ones that photographers try so hard to capture, but they can’t. Some things are just for those who experience them. And this, this is one of those things. I know when we’re both old and in a nursing home or something, I’ll look over at my sister and say, “Do you remember when you would dance around our room?” Her eyes will probably look dreamy and she might start doing it again. One thing I can not see is my sister not dancing. Whatever bad things happen in this world, I know I can always run into our room and see her dancing to whatever music I have playing.” 

     Stuff like that, that would be my writing sketch. If something impacts me, you’ll find something like that in my notebook or in a word doc on my computer. Well, that’s about it for today! If I find something else I think I should write about, I shall update on here!

‘Till next time!

3 thoughts on “Writing Sketches

  1. Oh my, Ruby! I do love your beautiful writing – so expressive, so touching. You really do have a gift with the art of words. Your paintings are lovely. Love, Aunt Jules


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