In Memory of My Beloved Character


                  I promised myself I wasn’t going to do this. I promised myself “No sequels, no major deaths, I’m not going to do that to my readers” Well, as Spiderman says “The best promises are the ones you can’t keep.” And I just did that. I killed Kao, and I’m writing a sequel.

               As an author, you get emotionally attached to your characters, I mean, why shouldn’t you? You created them! You love them and when they die, you feel it too. When they’re happy, you’re happy and yea… writing hard stuff for them to go through is freaking hard on the author, so don’t blame us, we love the characters more than you do. We made them, after all.

         Here’s my last letter to Kao, may he rest in peace.

             Dearest Kao,

                   I can’t believe you’re gone. I’m still in shock. I really did not want to to do that, and I cried as I wrote it. You were a ton of fun to write, always looking on the bright side of life. You were naive and foolish, but you were my favorite. Always my favorite. I knew from the moment I made you, that you were going to be amazing.

         And you were. You were dazzingly and moving and poetic and everything that I could ask for. You weren’t perfect, no, you were far from it. You got mad and you yelled, you were broken and healed. And it was an awesome journey. You died, like you always told me how you would. You said “I’m going to die fighting. And when death comes, he will feel my wrath.” That’s what you did. Defiant to the last. You died fighting, you died smiling, and I can’t ask anymore of you than that. 

        Lots of people loved you, Kao, loved your smile, loved your hugs. People loved you cause you listened and you didn’t blink at the bad things anyone had done, and even when they turned their backs you loved them, not caring. You didn’t care what anyone was, you just cared what they became. Darn you, Kao. Why’d you go and die on me?! You have no idea how much me and Tristan are going to miss you. And other authors, and other characters who met you and wrote with me, you’re breaking their hearts too. 

          I just want you to know, I cried when you died. Darn you, Kao. Now I’m going to cry again. I love you, buddy. It’s been a fun journey. 

         Your Author,



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