A Musing On the Craziness of Life.

       Salutations and greetings all my wonderful readers and friends!

        Life. Is. Crazy. Just in general, life is crazy. A constant rollercoaster ride while you’re balancing a bunch of breakable eggs. So, congrats on making it four days into May! Clap yourself on the back, we’re still alive! We’re still here! I’m still blogging!

     My friends, I think this calls for a cake. A red velvet cake. Does anyone else want some? Let’s see… I know you probably have a crazy life, but I’m gonna give you some bullet points of the craziest things that have happened this May.

-I have three writing projects due by this Friday
-My mom’s birthday is tomorow
-I still have not gotten her a gift… *cue the biting of fingernails*
-I have started the second draft of Realms and Chaos (I renamed it, the new name is… *cue the drumroll* The Other Worlds) 
Oh, and my birthday is on the 9th!

   That’s about it. How are all of you?

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