Little Glimpes of Home

     What is home? Is it a place? Is it a person? I personally, think home is a feeling. One that we crave, but one that is almost impossible to reach. Home, what do you think of when you hear that word? Do you think of a building?

         For me, home is a tree in my gramma’s back yard, home is watching BBC’S North and South with my cousin, home is Chinese food and inside jokes. Home is walking along roads that I’ve known my whole life, home is setting off into the unknown with those I love. Home is reading a book on a porch.

       Home is not a place, it’s not a person, it’s a feeling of belonging, it’s a feeling of truly knowing where you are. Home is those times when you realize people love you for who you are. Home is when you aren’t scared to do something stupid in front of people for fear they’ll judge you. Home is when you realize how awesome life is.

         I experienced home today. I felt it while I was playing cards with two of my friends. I realized, “Hey. This is what heaven is going to feel like. I’m going to be with good friends, and this feeling will never go away. I’m gonna feel home all the time.” I felt home as I lost miserably to them, but I didn’t care too much. I was happy. I was home. Even if it was just for a little while*.

       Home is the sea. The waves and the wind and the pounding water onto the sand. That’s home. My baby brother turning up his nose at the whole spectacle and staying in my mom’s lap is home. Building sand castles is home. Home is my dad throwing our rottweiler into the water.

      Home is cookies and milk late at night with my mom, talking about some show we are both watching. Home is staying up late to watch Tim Hawkins videos or The Taste. Home is watching in amusement as my family gapes at my newest reading/hiding spot.

     Home is my brother building Legos. Home is my sister shrieking when I try to brush her hair. Home is the scribbling over my really nice notebook and the protests against nap times. Home is my dog curling up on my lap and licking my face.

      What’s home to you?

*Oh and, I lost the entire game miserably… just in case you were wondering 😉

One thought on “Little Glimpes of Home

  1. Hmm. Probably when it's raining and I'm inside drinking tea, listening to music, and reading {or writing}. Or when I listen to “Concerning Hobbits”. Or when I watch “Lord of the Rings”.



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