A Recap of 13 Years on Earth

  Well, today is my birthday, and I’m turning 13!:) So excited for what this new year will bring. It’s been an amazing day so far, I got an ecard from my lovely grandparents and then I opened a card from them as well that had been sent over. And I cried. I admit that. I cried cause I miss them and I love them and I could feel the love that was written into those notes that they sent me.

      That’s one of the best feelings ever. To love someone a ton, and have them love you just as much back. I had some friends over last night, and they teased me and we played games and there may or may not have been bragging involved… And I realized how lucky I have it. I have an awesome family in the states who loves me and can’t wait to see me (and my immediate family) again, I have crazy friends who I can talk to about anything. I am blessed.

     So, my mom took me out to breakfast, which was awesome, cause I rarely get to have time with just her (got four siblings, and it’s crazy around my house) and we just talked about everything and nothing for two hours and it rocked. I’m going to open presents later and then just me and my dad will go out for dinner. So yea, nothing too big, I don’t like really big things for my birthday, and this suits me just fine:)

   It feels kinda weird, and normal at the same time. I don’t feel any different, but I’m like “Now I’m 13… woah.” Anyways, may you all have a splendid day!

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