Hello, salutations, greetings, I am so sorry for my long absence, life has been busy. Really busy. Crazily busy. But life has a habit of doing that, eh? Anyways, I’ve been writing a bit, but not that much since camp nano is over until July.

    I’ve started the sequel to Realms Unseen, which is called When the Forest Burns, and that’s going pretty good so far, I’m really enjoying writing that. I’ve almost finished the second drafted first chapter of Realms Unseen.

     On a non writing note, over the course of about a week six of my teeth have been taken out by the dentist. And yes, it hurt. But IT’S OVER NOW!! HALLELUJAH! <—— That was not proper grammar, but it could not be helped. I simply had to put that in bold, underline it, and put it in italics. Somethings are just like that, eh?

       Oh, and the wifi went out for two days.. Fun stuff. I had to do double school today to catch up, but it wasn’t too much! Yay! Also, my dad ran a Spartan Race and did awesome! I also spent the night at a friends house.

      You have now been caught up on my life! Till tomorrow or the day after that!

    Rubix, over and out! 


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