Sneak Peek- Realms Unseen

 Hey Friends,

So today, I thought I might grace you with the very first page of Realms Unseen. I would love feedback, please answer honestly, but try not to break my heart…

                                      Chapter One
                        Princelings and Shouting Matches
Kao pretended to thumb through one of the old worn novels on the bookshelf, but in reality he was holding the book upside down, far more interested on the conversation on the other side of the door. His father, Kilo, was talking with one of the nobles, well Kilo hadn’t told Kao that, but he had glimpsed the silver hair that only nobles had as they hurried into the study. He wondered what it was this time. Smugglers, perhaps? The merfolk always seemed to be warring these days.
He flipped the page with a pale long finger, pretending to be extremely interested in the history of the Eleniens, his people. He shook his head, annoyed as his long red hair got caught in one of the lower shelves. Carefully, he pulled it out, trying to not make a book fall to the floor, so as to alert them to his presence. He heard the voices, his father’s he recognized, but the other one was deeper, more urgent. He couldn’t keep up with the conversation, the door kept it muffled. He sighed in frustration, running his hands through his hair. He could try to use some magic to make him invisible and slowly crawl through the window, but that would make too much noise… He groaned and set the book down; he’d just have to find out later. 
He softly ran down the hallways, seeming to glide across the bark, as his feet made no noise. His hair came out behind him, like a red cape. He slowed his pace as he walked out of his quarters. He climbed a branch as quick as one of the squirrels; he should have been able to, as Kao had lived there for his whole life. Fifty-five years without ever touching the ground. He put his hair back behind his ears, as he stared down at the “common” part of the tree. He could see only the tops of people’s heads, but the diversity was immense. Some had their hair cropped short, revealing long pointed ears, and others had theirs down to the ground. But all their hair was brown, a sign of the commoners.  He smiled sadly, knowing that no matter how much he tried, he was just going to see the tops of their heads.
Then he saw white hair, with streaks of blue, running through the crowd, knocking over people right and left, climbing up toward the palace like his life depended on it. It probably did. Kao watched silently as he climbed confidently up the tree, making his way closer to Kao. It was a Gærean. An elemental magician. Kao could work small magic, but Gæreans, they could do anything with nature. Tree magic, river magic, air magic, anything. If Kao was being honest, he’d admit he was a little jealous, but he wasn’t being honest at the moment. 
Well, there you have it!:D Hope you enjoyed and please comment below! You know you want to click that comment button, you know you want to…

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