Meeting Kao!

Guys… Meet Kao:D Kao is my MC (main character) in Realms Unseen and he’s my absolute favorite, don’t tell Tristan a really fun character to work with and to write. A friend of mine drew him, as seen above, for my birthday! Which of course, made me super ecstatic, because wow, that is an amazing drawing, you don’t get stuff like that everyday. 
     I’ve told you all a little bit about him, but here’s a refresher. Kao is about 14 by our standards, and he’s a hotheaded poet. He’s about three feet tall, and has red hair down to the ground. He’s compassionate and can’t stand people being hurt, but he’s a good fighter and knows when to use a dagger. His favorite color is blue, and he likes the smell of pine trees. He can normally be found climbing up random objects or playing pranks on people. I thought I’d have a little Q&A time with him:
Me: So, Kao, how did this whole journey begin?
Well, I think it all started when I ran away. I met Tristan after that, and then Nessa, and we traveled around the realms. Fun times, fun times. 

Me: What is your opinion on Earth culture? 
    I do not know what this “culture” is, but I must say, the food here is splendid. I am quite enjoying the food called “hamburger” and the beverage called “soda”. 

Me: I also enjoy those things. What do you like to do in your spare time, Kao?
When I’m not being chased by bad guys, running for my life, or playing politics I can generally be found climbing up trees or singing.

Me: You can sing?
 Yes, I can. Can you?

Me: Honestly, I don’t know, kid. 
 Okay, well, do you have any other pointless questions for me to answer?

Me: No. 
 Good, I shall be on my way! 

That has been Q&A time with Rubix, tune in next time to hear Tristan say… “What the ‘eck am I doing ‘ere?” 

That’s all Folks!

(Since my questions were slightly lame, Kao has agreed to answer your questions if you leave them in the comments below! Thank you!) 


4 thoughts on “Meeting Kao!

  1. Kao: “Well, my favorite things to do consist of: exploring, driving Tristan crazy, seeing new places, adventuring, and of course, defeating the bad guys. My favorite battle strategy? Well, normally I throw knives until I run out of them, and then I borrow Tristan's knives, (he has 30 in his clothes, 2-3 in his hair and 4 in his shoes) and if that fails, then I'm pretty good at archery and swordfighting. I'm also good at picking locks. Surrender is not an option.


  2. Kao: Well, my 'castle' as you humans call it is far different than most in that category. I live in huge trees, my author compares them to redwoods. There are winding tunnels throughout these trees and that's where we live, but we spend most of our time up in the branches. The tunnels are lined with gold and there are many windows throughout the tunnels so it is light and airy. Green and brown and gold are the colors of my people. I hope this answers your question, I apologize if it does not.


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