Musings on Friendship


For me, a friend, a real, genuine, friend is… well, a lot of things. To me, a friend is the person who I can text at any hour of the day or night and they won’t care. To me, a friend is that person who tries their best to relate to me, even when it’s near impossible. To me, a friend cares about the things I love, even if they don’t do it themselves.

    A friend is someone I would let see me cry. A friend is someone that I can rant to about things and they’ll just listen, or rant with me. A friend, now we’re talking about the real breed of friends, not the ones when you see them in the street and wave, but the ones that when you see them, you run up to them and begin a conversation.

     Those friends, are the ones who have seen you at your best, and your worst, and they didn’t look away, didn’t take a step back. They are the ones who saw you when you were at the end of your rope and offered their hand instead. And those people are few and far between, but when you find them… it’s hard to lose them.

    They are the ones that fuel our passion for the things we love, they are the ones who encourage us in all good things. They are the ones who walk beside us on the path of Life and when we mess up and fall flat on our faces in the mire, they hoist us up and dust us off. They are the ones who love us even when we do horrible things, they are the ones who tell us we can still come back home.

  They are the ones that know how to push our buttons, how to unravel us but they don’t. They don’t. They hold the keys to our heart, the keys to our secrets, our emotions, and they wear them on a golden chain around their neck, keeping them safe from harm.

       Friends like that can not be bought, nor can they be described completely, but they are found. But my friends only stay my friends for so long, because if they remain after that, then they become my family. My brothers, my sisters, my mentors, my followers. Friendship is the first step down a long journey, and I’m excited to see where mine takes me. Are you ready for yours?




4 thoughts on “Musings on Friendship

  1. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…this is beautiful! It brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. Sometimes mothers and sisters (maybe even brothers – gasp?!) wear the keys to our hearts on a golden chain around their necks. I LOVE that sentence, by the way. This post makes me want to be your friend. 😍 Love from Aunt Jules


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