Behind The Scenes

    This is the cover I made on this lovely website Book Cover Maker and sadly, I wouldn’t be able to publish it with this cover as I got the pictures off of Pinterest, Google, Deviantart, etc. But it works for me for now, and it makes me happy, so I thought I’d show you all!

     Now, here’s a bit of a behind the scene’s look between the characters and some plot twists, and my thoughts on them. I’ll begin with the youngest, alright?

Nessa: Nessa was originally not in the first draft. She randomly popped in the second draft and I decided to use her as a minor character for a bit and then get rid of her somehow. But she stuck around, and I ended up really liking her, so she stayed.

Stats for Nessa:


Nessa is a small niad, with extremely pale skin (I got this photo off Google, so it’s close but not exact, gives you a mental image though) and blue hair with silver tips. Her eyes are bright purple and she has a deep connection with water. 
Personality: Kindhearted, and is very empathetic and compassionate towards others. She’s easily frightened however, and is terrified of fire. She does not like to be teased and her feelings can be injured easily, but she forgives quickly. 
Age: Nessa is about 8 or 9 by our standards, but she’s been alive for 49 years (immortality)
Relationships with other Characters: She’s basically like Tristan’s daughter and thinks of Kao as a big brother. She tends to call Tristan “Da” and Kao “K”. She has a slight accent, but not as much as Tristan does. 
Kao: Kao was the first character I created for Realms Unseen and has been in the book since the idea was first created. He is the first character to appear in the book, and we see him secretly spying on his father, Kilo, to see what he is up to. His personality was originally supposed to be more like Nessa’s but overtime he became a bit of a spit fire. He has a poetic side to him though. He was also supposed to be 19, but ended up being 14 after I decided he was better to write as a younger teen. 
Stats for Kao:


Kao’s physical appearance changes drastically over the course of the book (first picture completely belongs to me, second one is Google’s) In the beginning, he has long red hair and wears kingly robes, but towards the end he gets it cut and dyed to blend in more, accepting his new life. He always retains his grey eyes and pointy ears no matter what disguise he puts on. 
Personality: Kao is a bit of everything really, he is extremely emotional oriented, and would follow his heart and feelings rather than his mind. He speaks his thoughts, and speaks them loud, even when he is wrong. He’s poetic at times, and can be melancholy, but on the whole, loves life and is extremely curious about the world around him.
Age: He’s about 14 by our standards, and has been around for 79 years. (Again, his life span is a good 800 years.) 
Relationships with other Characters: He looks up to Tristan as a big brother figure, and Nessa is like a little sister to him. He’s extremely protective of her and will do anything for her. Kilo is his father, but they are estranged after he finds out about the Portals. His mother died when he was young. He and a minor character, Wolfe, have an acquaintanceship but are not very close.
Tristan: Ah, now Tristan has given me the most trouble of any character. He’s a troublemaker. Wanderer. Best Knife Thrower this side of the Realms. He was supposed to be 12, and hang around Kao and beg to go on this grand adventure. But then he slowly changed into a self-confident, cocky nineteen year old with a sad past and a mask to cover the pain. He’s got the most layers of them all, and the problem with writing him is I can’t take away the layers too quick, he’s got to let them fall in his own timing. 
Tristan is a dryad, but he goes around in human form a lot, because dryads on Niadra can shapeshift whilst niads can “phase” through solid objects. Even in dryad form, he is seen with a black hoodie. He also has a small silver hoop earring on his left ear, and his eyes are abnormally bright green. 
Personality: He’s cocky and extremely self confident, argumentative and cold at times. He’s gruff and hard around the edges. But he’s also caring (even if he doesn’t like letting it show) and he’s good with kids. He’s an overachiever and will get the job done no matter what. He’s not a bad person, no matter what he might say. He’s fairly patient and doesn’t have as short of a fuse as Kao. He’s good at reading people and guessing what they’ll want and who is dangerous.
Age: He’s immortal, but he’s been around for 450ish years, he has the mentality and appearance of a 19 year old.
Relationships with other Characters: He looks at Kao as a kid brother, and teases him mercilessly but would beat up anyone else who would dare try. He views Nessa as a daughter, and is as protective as her own father would be (if he were still alive :/) He doesn’t have much interaction with the few other minor characters, but that has yet to be seen as I am only 35 pages into the new draft, who knows what could happen next… 
And there you have it, folks! A behind the scenes look at what these characters were supposed to be and how they turned out!
If you have any questions, comments or concerns please click the comment button! You know you want to! Also, if you have any questions for Nessa, Tristan, or Kao please leave them in the comments below!
Ta ta for now! 

2 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes

  1. Dearest Nessa, I would humbly desire to inquire how long your life span is. And also what you do for pleasure and as tasks as a dryad. And last of all, I would greatly enjoy learning what a dryad even is.


  2. *looks confused* I'm a Niad… *Rubix facepalms, cause she accidentally said “dryad…”* A Niad is basically a water person, and the water really likes me. I'm immortal, actually. For pleasure? I like playing with water and swimming. I also like flowers. And tea parties. Tasks? Not much, I'm still very little. I hope that answers your questions. It was lovely talking to you.


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