Poems from an Amateur Poet

  Well, I thought I’d put some more of my poems on here, with varied topics! Please let me know what you think and which ones you like the best, I would greatly appreciate that. Comments are cookies, so give me some! 
If You Know…
If you know how to listen carefully to the wind.
You’ll hear a tale of the beginning, of the end.
If you know where to go, and what to say.
The wind might tell you its tale someday.
If you know how to hear the waves when they speak.
As they roll and the tumble and the white foams the peak.
If you know how to ask, then answers you’ll receive.
The waves know so much more than you or me.
If you know how to eavesdrop on the current in the deep.
There’s hardly a thing that from you it could keep.
If you know how to spy on the current that’s roaring.
Then you’ll hear secrets that will send your mind soaring.
If you know how to pick up the light rays piercing the dark.
They’ll light your way until you find your mark.
If you know how to light up all the dark spaces.
You can find all the hiding places.

So if you know how to find it, hear it, see it, touch it
Nothing can be kept from you making the dark lit.
You can learn, you can be taught, how to light up the ocean.
Even though people tell me it’s a foolish notion.


Tiny tears in the black, little pin points of light.
Guardians of my dreams. Guardians of the night.
Tiny specks of sparkles, laughing at our supposed might.
Fiery balls of grandeur, fiery giants of old.
Some burning bright and others growing cold.
Red and yellow, white and blue, some are shining gold.
Some are near, some are far, some we can not see.
Some are huge, some are fading, others are wee
But somewhere up in that night sky, stars are watching me.
Stars and suns and moons, all guarding the sky.
Sometimes I find myself wondering how and why.
Why the Maker made them so, made them up so high.
I think I’d like to touch one, if I could, if I might.
But I just wait and watch for another night.
Maybe one day, but now the day is light.
So I wait and I watch for another night.
This poem is about Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings, hope you enjoy! 
The Adventure
There is a man with a tall grey hat
Who astonishes hobbits as he walks past
With long grey beard and glowing staff
He reaches our hearts as he walks down the path
When he appears adventures soon come
There are wars and battles that need to be won
He says good morning with a twinkle in his eye
Adventures are coming as this man walks by
Long beard and pointy hat, tall stature and glowing staff
Wise eyes that see, old ears that hear, feet walking down the nearest path
“Good morning Bilbo” he says, twinkle in his eye
By and by
This hobbit will go on an adventure.

This poem is inspired by the book “The Sherwood Ring”, highly recommend it (the book, that is).
The Sherwood Ring
For mysterious though you may be
One day you will be caught and we will see
Planning, plotting, lying, tricking
We will find out who this trickster who is always tricking
Just might be
For none know your name, none know your home
Peaceable Sherwood, you think you’re alone?
For a tall young general sees through your plot
And he would rather see you rot
BUT! Not all hope is lost, the British still might rule
But sorry Peaceable, this American general is no fool
When the war is over, he’ll call you brother
But until then run, before he discovers

And that’s all the finished poems I have at the moment. The others are either too terrible to put on or unfinished, so this is it for now. I hope that you were able to enjoy them! ^-^ Please leave a comment below, I absolutely love those! 


2 thoughts on “Poems from an Amateur Poet

  1. Dearest Ruby, I greatly enjoyed your marvelous poems. Your composition describing Gandalf the Grey was especially excellent. I have not had the pleasure of reading this book you call the “Sherwood Ring.” Please contact me with useful information on how to find this book.

    Sir Nathanael P. McCombs


  2. Sir Nathanael P. McCombs,

    Information regarding this book can be found at bookstores and Barnes and Noble, you may also find this book at your local library. If not, consult Google for further information. I am very pleased that you enjoyed my works of poetry. Thank you very much for your feedback.

    -Rubix of the Order of the Cubes


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