In Memory of Little Turt

Hello Readers,

      I regret to inform you that our turtle, “Little Turt” has left us yesterday, on 08/07/15, due to a tragic car accident. He was a kind soul, he ambled around in our courtyard and was acquaintances with our dog, Luther.

       Before that fateful morning, we had never worried about him getting in the way of the van as we un-parked it and drove away from our residence. Alas, as my dear father was pulling out of the garage, we heard a sickening crushing noise and he promptly stopped the car, demanding to know what he had just run over.

      The object in question was smashed beyond recognition so he pulled the car out more, the sickening crush continuing to echo throughout our ears and then I scarcely dared to look, but look I did, and I was met with the sigh of our beloved turtle’s shell crushed and blood began spreading across the pavement as we looked on…

        It was extremely sickening, and we quickly left our house, and I must admit, I rather hoped our dog would eat his dead remains so we wouldn’t have to pick them up.

        Alas, when we returned, he was still there, smashed and bloodied, and then my father turned to me and spoke with nonchalance and informed me that I would be the one to pick up the remains.

      Somehow, I managed to in fact, “get out” of such a doing, and he was thrown in the trashcan, where he has remained.

           We are indeed, saddened by his loss, but I can not say I am grieving too much because I didn’t know the poor fellow all too well… We are, indeed, planning on getting another turtle, the courtyard feels empty without his small shell ambling about.

       *and the author clears her throat here* Yes, I just wrote that whole article in as posh a voice as I could muster, I hope you appreciate it, but the events that occurred in this blog post are indeed, true.

     Little Turt has passed on.

     Rest in peace, darling turtle. You shall be missed, and remembered.


3 thoughts on “In Memory of Little Turt

  1. Oh dear, Rubix, I feel so sad for all the children of the family of Little Turt! I thought it rather harsh that you were chosen to pick up his remains and I'm glad you did not have to do it. I do hope you find a replacement for him quite soon.


  2. Oh no! Not Little Turt! I am so sad and will miss him. That is an awful way to go – how tragic! So sorry for all who witnessed his horrific departure. Love & comfort, Aunt Jules


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