Ramblings on Books

Greetings Dear Readers,

     I apologize for my absence… I am now back! 
Life Update:

-Finished Season 3 of Sherlock 

-Had friends come and live with us for two days 😀

-Still ignoring all plot holes and dodging writer’s block like the plague
-School’s going fine… I s’pose…

-Learned how to play Pandemic and it’s given me two novel ideas so far! 

-Had pancakes for breakfast (yes, yes you needed to know that. You know you did…)

              So, today I am going to give a list of a bunch of books I like and reasons why I like them! Yay! (This is also known as… I-can’t-think-of-anything-to-blog-about-so-I’m-going-to-talk-about-books)

Well, first off we are going to talk about this book series —–>
Ranger’s Apprentice:
Think Aragorn from Lord of the Rings but a whole bunch of them +Robin Hood + Evil guys trying to take over the world+bows and arrows and that’s basically Ranger’s Apprentice
I really liked the four books I’ve read in this series, there are twelve, and I’m currently on the fifth book. So far, each book has flowed wonderfully and not had the same resurrected plot for each new book. I really appreciate that as an author and a reader, to have something new each book. 
The characters are all very different, all have their own personality and ways they do things, and the reactions and clashes are all very realistic and interesting. I think my personal favorite is Halt, but I generally tend to like the grumpy old broody guys. 
And Halt is pretty broody and grumpy, all right, but he’s my favorite. Without a doubt. 
The thing I like about this, is none of the characters are perfect. They all fail and mess up and doubt themselves like ordinary people. They’re human.
And the plot line makes sense, and it’s not like a bunch of separate books with the same characters, but like one big long story with pauses in-between. And I love that. 

And now onto this book, another one in a series I really like —->

The Swipe Series: 

I love dystopian in general, and this, in my opinion is one of my favorite series. It has some Christian elements and they are believable and work with the characters. It flows with the story instead of sticking out and not working with the characters.

My favorite character in this book is Daniel. Daniel Peck. Leader of the Dust.

He’s mysterious and it takes you two whole books to figure out who he really is and what he really wants to do. And he’s amazing.

There are four books in this series, Swipe (#1), Sneak (#2), Storm (#3),  and Spark (#4). The first three are about Logan and Erin and their friends and the Dust. The fourth book is a completely different story. New main character, new setting,altered plot. And it all ties together in a way that is completely genius and brilliant.

And that’s all for today, folks! Hope you enjoyed and I highly recommend both of these series!


2 thoughts on “Ramblings on Books

  1. *gasps* I love Ranger's Apprentice! 😀 One of my favorites is The Emperor of Nihan-Jah. (I think that's how you spell it, but I honestly have no idea.) After you finish Ranger's Apprentice, I would highly recommend the Brotherband Chronicles. It's about a group of Skandians. Oh, it also has Gilan in it. ^-^


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