Fall Is Coming!

Hello Readers,

It’s the first day of September! Fall is almost upon us! Grab your jackets, and your rakes, cause fall is coming!

As you may have gathered, Fall is my favoritest (yes, I do not care what spellcheck says, I am using that word) season and I can not wait for it to come. Some people like the hot weather, or the cold weather, but I’m in the middle, leaning more toward the cold side as I get older.


             Where I live, there are no pretty red leaves like the one above ^. But this year, we’re going to be in America for the fall and some of the winter season! Which will be pretty doggone awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home, but I haven’t seen my grandparents and most of my cousins for almost two years. I miss them like crazy, man. And I’ll get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with them 😀
       When I was younger, all of my siblings and whatever cousins happened to be at my grandparent’s house would go outside and look for cicadas and cicada shells, and I remember my brother and Nathanael (one of my cousins ^-^) would always try to put them on my shoulder or something to freak me out. Clever little buggers. And we’d play around with the empty cicada shells too, I remember we had a huge pile of them that we hid in the pebbles that my grandparent’s had instead of mulch (I think they have mulch now, but I don’t remember exactly…)
      And we’d rake about half the yard before getting bored and just jumping in the leaves… Haha, I remember Grampa always would rake the rest of the yard after we got bored, though I do think he made us finish the job a couple times.
      Good times, good memories, in the Fall…
What are your favorite memories from this upcoming season?


4 thoughts on “Fall Is Coming!

  1. Ah, yes, fall is most definitely my favorite season also. I love the memories of going on hikes and jumping in the leaves and going to the apple orchard with my grandparents. And I love the memories… well, if I write much more I'll get carried away with all of them that are coming to my mind, so I'll leave it at that, haha.


  2. Do you remember going to the apple orchard and through the corn maze with us? Eating apple cider donuts? Drinking apple cider slushies? I remember you guys playing with the cicadas. I also remember that time that me, you Nathanael & Ryker watched a cicada come out of it's shell at night. Nathanael says we named it – do you remember the name? Love, Aunt Jules


  3. I don't remember it… but knowing us then we probably named it something like “Mr. Cicada” “Cicaday” “Insecty” etc. etc. XD

    Yes, I remember that:D That was a ton of fun:)


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