A New Novel

Hello Readers,

       Well the other day I was looking at character inspiration and I found one I liked, and suddenly I had a wisp of a novel idea. So I wrote it down, and then brainstormed with one of my friends, and slowly my wisp turned into something tangible.

         The name of the novel is Project Mimicry.

         Here is the synopsis:

                “What happened that night?”

A simple question… but raises strikingly different answers. Some say he ran. Some said he was chased. Some said he was hunting. Others said he was the hunted. 
People said it was dark that night. Really dark. But his red hair stood out, and his eyes were shining from tears. He was just a kid, people said, others said he was more. But everyone agreed that there was a man. And there were cars. Black cars. And the man and the cars were fighting for the boy.
And the man took him.
Was the man his savior? Or his downfall?
Check the tabs for more info, there will be a page about Project Mimicry very soon. 😀
Thanks for checking in!


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