A Toast For A Friend and a Dash of Lyrics.

“…Come on, you words

  Come and take your places
  Everything changes, everything changes…
  …Come on, you heart
  You restless child
  Open up your hands
  And wait here awhile…” –Helicopter by Branches
           Today is an important day. Now, normally I try to write these birthday posts (I tried for each one of my family members and a couple friends) but I always end up unable to finish them or not liking the way they turned out. But today, I am determined to do one.
        This one is for a friend of mine. And she’s… awesome. She really is. I’ve known her for almost two years now, and I learn new things about her every day. So she really deserves this blog post, so I’m going to write it. And even if it’s horrible, she’ll know I tried.
         She’s becoming a teenager today. We’re the same age again! She’s… amazing, really, just a great person that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. She likes singing, and we both joke around about how we sing off key, and she’s good at drawing.
          She likes acting, and she’s not scared of a camera (I don’t like cameras… especially in videos. Freaks me out.) Watching her take on another persona is amazing, because she acts completely like them.
          She listens to most of my ramblings with an amused look, and helps me brainstorm for my books. I am envious of her patience, sometimes, and we always seem to stick together when we’re around other people. She’s kinda like my older twin (which is pretty ironic, considering I’m the older one) but she keeps me out of trouble.
          Well, most of the time, anyway.
          And she plays play-dough with me, which is a very high quality in a person. She loves Les Mis, and I know almost all of a couple songs because she sings them so much.
            She’s one of those people that you don’t need to be “doing” something with every five seconds. So when we hang out, we kinda just sit around and talk, and she’ll get out her guitar and play the few chords she knows, and I’ll get out the ukulele and play the one chord I’ll know.
       We joke around about how we need to start a band, cause we’re like, super musically knowledged.
          And yea, I’m just really blessed to have her as one of my close friends. So, a toast for you, you know who you are! *raises a glass of grape juice*
 Happy Birthday.
^There’s your cake 😀

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