It’s Over.

It’s over. O____O It’s done. O____O
Twelve books. 5,400 pages over all. And now it’s over. I read these characters lives, I watched their life story basically play out… I got emotionally attached and now they’re gone. The book is over. Closed. Ended. Caput. Nata. Gone.
And I’m sitting on my desk in disbelief and shock.
It can’t be. Not yet. What about the rest?! I don’t know what happened!
It can’t be.
Not yet.
At least there’s The Brotherband Chronicles to read next. At least there’s that.
I loved it. I loved the journey. I loved the characters. I loved this series. And I am currently horrified as to the thought that the series is over.
And this is my thoughts on the subject. I will write a longer review tomorrow, once I have recovered.



3 thoughts on “It’s Over.

  1. I know exactly how you feel. *pats shoulder reasurringly* How did you like The Royal Ranger? Personally, I didn't think it was as good as the others. I think it was that Will changed so much. *sniffles*
    But Brotherband is awesome. They mention Will and Halt a few times, but you never get to see them. *sniffles again*


  2. I loved it and hated it. Loved it because I love RA but hated it cause it was THE LAST BOOK DOGGONE IT! D: D:

    I liked Will a lot in that one too though 🙂

    And yes, at least there's Brotherband. XD



  3. Dearest Rubix,

    I agree with you perfectly on this subject. I am also reading Brotherband and am excited about it. Thou doth maketh perfecteth senseth, and I doth agree-eth with thou.



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