Meet Ryder

Hey Readers!

    Sorry I’ve been absent for a bit, just ran into a brick wall called “WRITER’S BLOCK”. Not fun, man. So yea, I am now writing a blog post, finally.

        I’ve been working a bit on Project Mimicry and I thought I’d introduce you to Ryder. I’ll let him introduce himself, actually.

Sure I can trust them?


I don’t trust you, but since you have power, I’ll go along with it. Anyways, my name is Ryder.

Is that your first or last name?

Neither and both.

That was not cryptic in the slightest.

And you say I’m sarcastic. Anyways, I am a person. I am a guy. I have an age. 

Well if that wasn’t vague.

Be quiet, I’m doing the talking. I’m around 18, I drive a beat up old white pick up, I have sideburns…

-He’s rather proud of those-

I thought I said to be quiet. Anyway… I like kiwi birds, I live in my truck, and my diet mainly consists of fast food salads. They’re the cheapest.

He just says he likes kiwi birds cause that was what he said when I asked what his favorite animal was, and now he won’t drop it.

Shush. I don’t have many friends, I drive around the country, I have powers of sorts.


I can mimic any sort of sound you could think of. Gunfire, voices, tornado, wind, etc. etc. I have a photographic memory and can draw better than Vincent Van Gogh. 

He’s awfully humble, isn’t he?

I thought you said I was doing the talking! But that’s all.

He’s not cryptic or sarcastic in the slightest, is he? I always manage to create the snarky characters… Goodness!

I hope to be writing more often, so sorry for the long delay.

Thank you so much for sticking with my blog!


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