And…Another New Novel. Again!

Heya Readers,

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Oh no, another novel.” “She’s never gonna finish this one.” “What is she thinking?” “FINISH PROJECT MIMICRY, YOU DOLT!”

^Bearer of BAD NEWS D:

Bad News: I don’t know if I’ll ever finish/write Project Mimicry O-o

^Bearer of Good News 😀

Good News: I have a new novel that I’m really, really, reeaaallllyyy excited about!

Yes, me too, Minion. I am also jumping in my seat. Yes.

Okay, okay, now you’re wondering when I’ll stop being funny and putting odd gifs on here and get to what the story is about, don’t you?

I’m glad you asked. The title of my newest endeavor is…


Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout it… O_______O I apologize.

The Puppeteer’s Correspondence is my first try at a mystery. A murder mystery, in fact. I am normally a “pantser” but this NaNoWriMo I am trying to plan this book out a little more. For most of my books, I start out with a bunch of characters.
Like these:
Or these:
And then I usually throw a little setting in. Like this:
Or… maybe this?
Or, how about this one?

And then, I throw my nice little characters into the nice little setting, and add some problems and a pinch of desperation and hope that something decent might happen. And if we actually get a plot (wonder of all wonders) along the way, that would be just splenderifous!



Not this time. This time, I am… *whispers* planning. 

I am plotting.

Not just a nice little setting with some nice little characters. No, oh, noooooooo. I am plotting. I am putting plot twists in this book before I even know what the name of my characters are!

Sometimes I shock myself, you know?

Anyways. I will be back with you on more with this book laaaateerrr!

Hope to see you ’round!

~Rubix of the Cube


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