Things Books Have Taught Me

Hello Readers,

Today, I gathered together a small list of things that books have taught me.

The Chronicles Of Narnia taught me:

-That God is not safe, he is not tame, but he is good.
-Death isn’t the end of the story.
-There is always a plan.
-Betrayers can come back.
-A real leader knows when to follow.
-Some people are meant to be warriors, and others are meant to plan the wars.

The Lord of the Rings taught me:

-That there is always light in the world.
-The smallest people sometimes make the biggest difference.
-People who like to play it safe are still as likely to get called on to go on an adventure.
-If a bunch of dwarves come and eat my food and then ask me to go on an adventure, I should say yes.
-Don’t trust gold.
-If in danger, call the eagles.
-Even the least likable person has a part to play in the end. Sometimes they are the reason good conquers.

Harry Potter taught me:

-Kids have a part to play in the wars.
-Your friends become your family.
-The people who seem to be the villain are sometimes the bravest ones there.
-In dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own.
-Death, to the intellectual mind, is but the next adventure.
-Things are never as they seem, don’t judge too quickly.
-Reading can save your life.
-Love doesn’t die.

The Swipe Series taught me:

-Know who your friends are.
-When you find out who they are, keep them close, you’ll need them.
-You’re here for a reason. Find that reason.
-Life is complicated, get used to it.
-Life isn’t fair. Do what you can with your lot.

Ranger’s Apprentice taught me:

-People do everything for a reason.
-Tragedy can happen to anyone.
-A normal archer practices until he can hit the target, a Ranger practices until he can’t miss.
-There is always time for a coffee break.
-Sarcastic wit is a skill.
-One riot, one Ranger.

That’s it for now, thank you for tuning in!


P.S Check out this awesome blog run by my cousin: Stories In Sounds

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