A Basket of Random Poems


So, first I tried to write a blog post. Then I tried to work on my novel. Then I tried to edit my blog’s picture, which just ended up with me wanting to throw my computer out a window. Then back to novel again, then blog post. So I ended up trying to write some poems.

Which actually went pretty good. So here’s some of my efforts, and hopefully you can enjoy them.

A Questionare

They said to describe me in a sentence
I tried to find the right words
They floated out of my brain to pay penitence
To the queens and kings of other worlds.

They told me to describe my feelings
That was easy as telling a blind man about the color blue
Or a deaf man, the sound of words reeling
My emotions run deep and bright, well known to precious few.

They told me to write my heart on a page.
I filled up novels and still wasn’t done with my goal.
So many things I want to say, things of pain and joy and of love and rage.
I wrote until I had no paper, so I wrote on my walls in dark black coal

They told me to sum up my existence
What I did with my time on this earth
I stared at them like they spouted nonsense
I can not tell all the days, all the time, all for what it’s really worth.

They told me to tell what I want in the future
I shook my head dumbly, too frightened to speak
What I want is not material, not a house or computer

What I want is a feeling, to sow good that I will reap.

A Detour In My Mind

They dance along the paper, running through my head
Words read, words heard, the words we leave unsaid
Penned onto my paper, stuck in my brain
Coal black ink runs rampant through the lanes
Of my mind.
Singing through the air, tugging heartstrings to the beat
Grabbing my arm and taking me far away from the reality of neat
Wild colors jumping, and beautiful messes running by the lake
Ink blots stand up and dance with the snowflakes
In my mind.
The song slows, the pages turn with a mighty roar
The world turns to what it was before
I set off on this odd misadventure
To cities and places I’d never have ventured
But this was in my mind.
But then my heart calms, I don’t feel so wild
I look over to see a mother and child
The night wasn’t so silent, but he was staring at me
And I felt all the love that could ever be

In the quiet manger scene in my mind.
Alright. So, I only had two for you instead of a basket… Oops. Pretend it’s a small basket, alright? Comment below with your thoughts!

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