A (Very) Short Thought

Hello Readers,

I love moonlight. So, so much. I love sunlight, but it’s hot and leaves so many shadows. There’s something almost magical about moonlight and how it reaches into all the cracks and crevices.

It’s a softer, quieter kind of light, smiling down on us. The light for the night travelers, the globe trotters. A quiet guide breaking through the night to illuminate paths for the weary wanderer.

If moonlight had a sound, I think it would be the sound of a lone wind chime singing out through the wind. Singing a song without words that we all somehow understand.

If moonlight had a tangible feeling, I think it would be like silk. A wispy soft silk grey shawl. Light and airy.

If moonlight had a taste, I think it would be like the sea in the air. Barely there, a little salty, and hardly noticeable at all.

If moonlight had a smell, I think it would be a perfume. A light, rose petal perfume. Not overpowering or filling the room, but there all the same, and just as lovely.


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