Why Musicians Are My Favorite People

Hello Readers,

Before I go further with this post, I would like you to check out a friend of mine’s work (who is also going to be posting on the blog soon) seeing as he is one of the people who inspired this. You can listen to it here at NightSkyExplorer. Also, check out my cousin’s blog, she was another one of my inspirations: Stories In Sound.

Musicians are some of my favorite kind of people. Everything that surrounds them is used in their music. Nature is an instrument, the wind is the tempo. I can play basic keyboard, because I know how to read sheet music, but it isn’t anything like what they hear in the wind and then express in their instruments. It’s so different and so wonderful it makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes.

One of the most touching things I have ever seen, are musicians, bent over their instruments and playing like it’s the last time they’ll ever have the chance. If you close your eyes, and listen close, you can hear just a little of what they hear. You can hear the wind and ivy, and you can hear water, rocks, the trees whispering.

Music is such a powerful, powerful thing. Musicians are powerful, powerful people. They influence our hearts for only a brief time, but brief moments are when we can be reminded. Reminded of love, memories of home, they can fill us with joy or weigh us down with dread. Musicians, even though it’s only for a few moments, hold our hearts in their hands. That is a powerful gift to have.

But almost every musician I know, I trust with that gift. And so I listen, and I try to hear their heart in their music.

Maybe, just maybe, if I listen to their heart, and they reach out to mine, maybe that’s what music was meant for. A touching of feelings and thoughts. Ideas of two different people coming together for a few brief moments in the chaos of the world.

Piano players are often caught staring out the window, playing sonatas on the kitchen table. Percussionists nervously drum on their legs and on anything else in sight, guitar players pluck things without knowing.

It’s a way of life for them. Not a hobby, not a pastime.

And it’s so, so beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Why Musicians Are My Favorite People

  1. ^-^ and writers, like you, have a way of describing the feelings of musicians in a beautiful and true way. Great post ^-^ thank you.


  2. As a musician, this post really speaks to my soul in such an encouraging way! Because musicians feel the potential beauty of their pieces so deeply, they also feel their own inadequacies deeply. When people like you so skillfully remind us why we’re important, the relief, the passion, and the inspiration comes back like a flood. Love you.

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    1. You musicians, so amazing and you never ever see it. All you see is your shortcomings. Speaking for everyone here, we love you. We think you’re amazing. You influence our lives in ways no one has ever had. We don’t say this enough.

      You. Are. Amazing.

      And don’t forget it. Ever. Don’t let yourself see all the mistakes, all the shortcomings, because what you do is beautiful.

      You are amazing.

      Thank you. Thank you so, so much. I know my life has been impacted so much by musicians. Thank you. Don’t ever forget how amazing and powerful your music is.


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