Every Star Is A Burning Flame

Hello Readers,

As I lay in bed this morning, my alarm went off, and I currently have it at a song I selected at random by Andrew Peterson, called “Every Star Is A Burning Flame”. And I never had really taken the time to listen to the lyrics completely, but my interest was spiked and my bed was warm, so I lay there and closed my eyes, listening to what Andrew had to say to me.

I pulled the car off to the side and walked along a starry hill in Idaho
A golden moon was rolling by, the ridge was like a window sill and I don’t know
If I was on the outside looking in

Like maybe all the borders of the world were getting thin
And I could see the sky the way it’s gonna be again

Every star is a burning flame

Now, I know the music is Sam’s thing, but I want to look at this one song, because it’s currently one of my favorites. In the beginning Andrew sets you up with this picture of him driving in the middle of the night, pulling over, and then walking along this big long hill, staring at the stars. And suddenly he’s just… shocked by the beauty of it. Just stares there, up at the sky, unable to believe his eyes.

Well yesterday I trimmed the vines and spread the leaves along the ground in Tennessee
And I tried to hold it in my mind that all the light that’s coming down takes ages to get to me
And I was on the inside looking out
I was lifted by a solar wind up over the clouds
And I could hear the hosts of heaven singing out loud

Every star is a burning flame

I love this sense of wonder he gives you, and I was glad to know that I’m not the only one who’s been so incredibly shocked and flabbergasted at the stars. That the light we see at night takes so many years to get to us. It’s amazing, isn’t it? He looks up at the stars, and suddenly he sees them in a new way.

Every star is a burning flame. 

He sees them, not as a cold light that is probably gone by the time it reaches us, but he sees them as this flickering flame. Burning in the sky.

I remember Mr. Green and I were walking down a busy street in Louisville
The sign said Merton, he looked around and all the people passing by were shining like the sun and beautiful
And the wonder of it caught him by surprise
Oh Lord, I want to see the world with those eyes
I want to look into the night and see a million suns rise

I love this part, so much. How he’s walking with a friend of his, and then his friend just looks around and is so moved by these people walking by. The wonder of all these people passing by, and that they are shining, so beautiful. Oh, I want to see the world with those eyes. Let me see people like that.

All the heat comes running at the speed of light
From the reaches of space to these faces tonight

And every heart is a burning flame
Every heart is a burning flame

Then he ends, with not his normal chorus, but comparing the burning flames of stars to the burning flames of our hearts.

So I listened in my bed, and I was moved almost to tears by this song. It is so poetic, and so incredibly true, and just makes you feel so small and amazed at the vastness of everything, of the stars, and I felt overwhelmed.

every star is a burning flame.

every heart is a burning flame. 





One thought on “Every Star Is A Burning Flame

  1. Dear Rubix, this post is just amazing. And I agree that every star is a burning flame and every heart is a burning flame. How amazing God is to create such wonderful things. Amen.



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