Of Stutterings and First Blog Posts

Well, this is my very first post (of many, hopefully) and, if there was ever such a thing, I’m stuttering while writing. I keep on starting to write, then stopping… deleting the draft, restarting, well, you get the picture. So, by suggestion of Ruby, I’m just going to do a simple, short one. Sorry if I have let you down, and am not able to share with you the secrets of the world.

So, in my blog posts I will mainly just be writing about music, along with other random things as I feel compelled. Why music? You may ask. (Or you may not, in which case you may find the rest of the post boring, unhelpful, not insightful, dull, etc. etc.)

It is impossible to answer that question with a single answer, or with a single reason, for me. I would have to guess that it would be the same for many other artists as well. First off, I’ll go to the sound of music (not the movie, that’s just the phrase I unfortunately chose to use and my fingers did not want to backspace), and then secondly I’ll look at the lyrical side of music.

So, the sound… Have you ever listened to an instrumental and found yourself just sitting there… staring into space… or, better yet, listened to an instrumental and found yourself staring, but not into space, but at the image in your mind which the music breaks. For example, I often times find myself naming my music (because so far I have only done instrumentals) by just closing my eyes, and listening to what I have made… letting it take me wherever it will, and where I end up, I create a name of it. You see, one of the reasons I have chosen to create only instrumental music so far is because whenever you listen to songs with words, they can manipulate your emotions. The lyrics tell you what it’s about, whether it’s fun, energizing, happy, sad, frustrating, or anything, the lyrics tell you what it’s about, and they guide you and take you where the artist wants to take you. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing, in fact, so often it is such a beautiful thing. However, I find myself wanting to set the tone, and leave it up to the listener to decide where to go. I’ll make the tempo fast or slow, make the notes high or low, add what instruments I want to make the setting, and the general feel. Then I’ll leave it up to the listener to decide what ever in the whole universe of possibilities what to do with it and where to go with it.

You can bustle about your daily life with it playing on a speaker, you can lie down and stare into outer space – or wherever the song takes you. You can dance, you can sing your own lyrics, you can simply sit on a chair and daydream. Nothing to lock you in to a certain feeling, a certain place, a certain state of mind. Just your imagination, and the sound of music…

Well, that was quite a bit just for the sound, but the second and last point I would like to make is the beauty of lyrics. Yes, those things that I just said lock you in. Those things that take you where the artist wants the music to take you. You see, to me, it’s very simple – writing lyrics, that is. I have to styles, the first is I try to write what the music makes me feel. The second I get from Andrew Peterson, and from this quote by him: “My goal is to tell the truth in the most beautiful way.” And that is how I write lyrics.

So, to answer the question you may or may not have asked, why music? In short, because of the beauty and freedom in the sound, and the beauty and truth in lyrics.


4 thoughts on “Of Stutterings and First Blog Posts

  1. Hey Sam! Your first post was wonderful. Although I don’t play music often (besides Doctor Who), I love listening to it. I really agree with you on all of your points that you made in this post. And just so you know, I didn’t actually ask the question, but your answer was phenomenal.

    -Hawkeye (I am actually Rubix’s cousin, I just like to call myself Hawkeye just like she calls herself Rubix)

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