A Few Songs I Like

Hello Readers,

I’m back with my second blog post *triumphant cheers in background*. I wasn’t exactly sure what to write about once again, but Ruby, my fellow blogger, suggested to me, “You should write a few song suggestions and why you’re suggesting them” and then, out of the blue, I got a brilliant idea! I decided I would write a few song suggestions and why I like those songs! Thank you *bows* I was quite impressed with my idea myself, thank you.

So, here we go:

  1. At The Table by Josh Garrels

The music in this song is good, but what I really appreciate are the lyrics. In the first verse, shows a kid growing up and going the way of the world. Forgetting where he comes from, forgetting what his father taught him. Then it goes to the chorus, and it shows that there is hope, and that he can return. Reminds me a lot of the prodigal son. Then, in the second verse, it shows him being called and coming back, and then planing seeds, and looking forward to a day where his father comes for him. Then it goes into the chorus for the second and last time, and brings the message of hope. Great song.

Now for number 2:

2. Don’t Let It Pass by Junip

Once again in this song the lyrics are the main attraction to me, though the slower, smooth sounding music is good. The song is fairly short, and doesn’t fit nearly as many words in as the previous song, but this one is more to the point. You see immediately in the first verse the exact point the song is trying to get across. It says, “You’re pinned down to routines… Elevate and leave.” And that is basically what the song is getting out throughout the four minutes, saying to take advantage of opportunity, avoid compromise on important issues, and to not get locked into a routine, to not get so used to things that you begin to take the world around you for granted.

3. Eyes Wide Open by The Vespers

For this song, while I love the lyrics and the music and basically every aspect of it, I’ll just let you listen to this one. Hope you enjoy the songs!