Ink Cartridges and Fruitless Hopes

Hello Readers,

Well, I got some too big ink cartridges the other day, and none of them will fit in my fountain pens (I love my fountain pens dearly.) So I decided to transfer the ink from the larger cartridge to the smaller one.


This proceeded to happen. 

And the sink was covered in red as well. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of that, but I bet you can get an idea of what it must’ve looked like. So now my hands look like I washed them in blood, and I can’t seem to wash it off.

The weird thing is, I thought it looked convincingly like blood, but my little sister didn’t even give them a second glance as if I did this all the time and knew it was ink.

I don’t know whether to be offended by that or not.

This is all the ink I got after nearly twenty minutes

So, my efforts were wasted and my hands are red.

I feel a great injustice to myself.


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