In My Mom’s Absence

Hello Readers,

Sorry it’s been so long, but in my defense, I have had a crazy week and a half and a ton of stuff going on, so has Sam. Remember that we are teenagers and that every once in a while life gets a bit busy. But we’re back now! And hopefully back to our regular posting schedule (which is sporadic in itself [actually, I don’t know if we have a regular posting schedule.]).

So, as two days ago was the first day of March, I am going to post some highlights from the month of February.

  • I got a week and two days ahead in school.
  • Made it to 15k (which is about… 58 pages) on A Sonata for the Changing Times.
  • I put together a bunch of awesome playlists to help me write.
  • I blogged fairly consistently. 
  • Mom left for a week (will blog about this more below) and I was able to hold down the fort with my dad successfully.
  • I read The Chronicles of Narnia somewhat consistently to Mya. 
  • I made cookies. Cookies are good. (Seriously though, these were some fabulous cookies)
  • I watched “The Prestige” (see more on Sam’s post here
  • I helped move furniture around. (It looks pretty nice as well)
  • I successfully kept my family fed and happy for a week. 

So, my mom had been planning to go to a women’s conference for a while, and we all knew it was coming, but all too soon, the fateful day arrived.

We drove her up along with Sam’s family because their mom was going, all twelve of us in our big white van. We dropped them off at the airport, to Si’s (my two year old brother) dismay.

And then we ate lunch and drove back home.

Dad and us rearranged the furniture less than a day after Mom left, which took some getting used to, but I like it. I can do school in the sun now.

I also managed to make spaghetti once, and rice and broccoli a couple times. We also ate leftover chicken, some food from restaurants, tuna paninis, and ramen noodles. And the kitchen was surprisingly clean.

We probably did more school that week than ever before.

I also have an even deeper respect for my mom. Because I nearly freaked out a couple of times, and yes, I did yell at my siblings once or twice. She is seriously amazing to do this 24/7.

Changes That Occurred In My Mother’s Absence

  • As previously mentioned, the furniture was moved around.
  • We deep cleaned the house. (We were all thrilled about that. Not.)
  • Even the smaller children got a day or two ahead in school.
  • iPads or movies were not allowed except twice. (My brothers keenly felt this loss)
  • Tea Time (but we had just begun to start that when Mom left.)
  • Cleaning of the kitchen was not as strictly enforced.
  • Si spent a lot of time on the blue timeout couch.
  • So did Davis.
  • Come to think of it, I think everyone but me had to sit on the timeout couch at least once.

Things I Learned In My Mother’s Absence

  • That what she does is seriously hard and she is amazing.
  • Figuring out when to do laundry is a science that must be perfected.
  • Naptimes are the best thing ever. The house is quiet for a little bit.
  • That helping and being left on your own to manage are two entirely different things.
  • Making dinner is a heck of a lot harder than it looks.
  • People who whine about the food you make deserve to be smacked.
  • Davis and Silas are never, ever, ever, ever, ever allowed to sit by each other at mealtimes. Ever.
  • My mom is seriously the most amazing person ever.
  • I don’t know how she’s stayed sane.
  • I am a very blessed daughter.
  • I love my mom and have a deeper respect for her than nearly anyone on this planet.

It was surprisingly fun, actually, spending a week with my dad and the rest of my family. A little intense? Yes. But fun? Oh yea.

But was I super glad to pass the title of “person who runs this house” back over to my mom?





2 thoughts on “In My Mom’s Absence

  1. Your mom truly is amazing in so many ways! How wonderful of you to acknowledge her in this way. I am confident you are following in her footsteps! 😊 Love, Aunt Jules

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