World Traveler

Hello Readers,

Well, in the past three days, I have been on three airplanes, two cars, and my own two feet.

I have come from Africa to France to Turkey.

I have been in airports for at least 17 hours.

I have been in airplanes for at least 10 hours. And it’s not over yet.

I dreamed that I was a world traveler
Set me loose to find my way
Just get me out on the road someday
With my sails unfurled

So, since I like lists and lists are easy because I have literally next to none creativity flowing right now, then there are going to be lists.

Oh, I’m a world traveler
Pack your bags and dig down deep
Ride the storms and sail the seas
To the distant pole

Things I Like About Traveling

-New Cultures

-A breath of fresh air

-Not having to do school

-New, interesting food. (But no tomatoes on mine, thank you!)

-Landmarks and historic sights

-Chilling with my family

-New types of coffee

Things I Don’t Really Like About Traveling


-My schedule being messed up

-Routine and order giving way to slight chaos (but it’s fun chaos)

-Languages I don’t know and trying to figure out how to respond in a certain culture (But hey, that’s all part of it.)

Well, that’s all the time for today, folks. Off to the zoo for me!


(Song lyrics from World Traveler by Andrew Peterson)

(Picture taken by myself in Turkey)



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