An Open Letter

Hello Readers,

I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple days, but I just haven’t gotten around to it until now. But recently, a younger friend of mine got baptized, and I wasn’t able to write in her notebook for encouragement that had been set out (I have a forgetful mind), so I wanted to write her a letter here.

To My Newest Sister in Christ,

Based on what I saw and heard a couple weeks ago, you have already grown so much in your faith, and it was an immense pleasure to be a part of you getting baptized.


I was around your age when I got baptized, so I guess we should start a club or something, huh? We could have a secret handshake and everything.


Anyway, I’m getting off track. This is a spiritual letter, not a time to plan what snacks we’ll have at the annual club meeting. Though I do like goldfish, if you were wondering.


All joking and snacks aside, I am very proud of you. You’ve realized what you believed and grabbed on as Jesus grabbed you out of your sin faster than most adults would.


Eventually, when you get older, you’ll maybe worry about if you “were really saved”. You were, you are “really saved”. Don’t ever doubt that. You love Jesus and he loves you even more back. Jesus loves you more than your parents, more than your family, more than anyone could ever love you.


And you know what? He’s not ever going to stop.


When you went into the water and professed your faith, your old sinful self died. Kinda like when you take off your dusty and dirty clothes and take a bath. All that sin washed off, and you put on the new white robes of Jesus.


Do you remember what it was like when your brother was born into your family?


Well guess what, you just got born into an even bigger one.


Which means you’re stuck with me as the annoying older sister who constantly reminds you to clean your room.


Speaking of which, did you clean your room today? I hope you did. Clean rooms are a must.


So this long letter is all just to say welcome. Welcome to your larger family. Most of us are a little crazy, but that’s okay, most families are.


I’m proud of you.


Love ya!




P.S I was thinking that we could have lemonade and goldfish as the club snack, what do you think?


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