Spring Fever

Dear Readers,

So, it’s about that time of year. The time of year when, even if where you are prevents you from seeing a lot of it, things are blooming. Colors, though timid and shy, hiding through the cold, are once again turning towards the light and showing their colors. The sun’s out, the world’s coming back to life, and yet… I’m sitting at my desk doing school.

Now, I’m not complaining. I know I have to finish the school year before I can run wild free (ok, not really, but you get what I mean). But still, the spring just brings with it such an alive feeling.

Christ is risen, the world is rising through it’s winter sleep, and summer break is within sight. It’s funny, I almost get a feeling that I’m missing out on something. And then I just get there for the end when I get on summer break, but it’s ok because then I can enjoy the result.

Ok, so I might love nature and the beauty of spring slightly more than the average person. And I also might get spring fever a little earlier than most people. The reality is, I feel like it brings out the 9 year old boy in me. The longing to run through the grass and swing as high as I can. To climb trees, but not just as trees… as the forts of the villains, to defeat; or as a skyscraper, to see the world; or as a great redwood tree, achieving as a nine year old what no fifteen year old ever could.

So I’ve got spring fever, if you couldn’t tell. Each day at my desk gets longer, and I’ve still got a little over a month left. Oh boy.

But with or without me, the world will come back to life, showing off a little bit more than we remember, sometimes it seems. And I’ll be there to see some, and be at my desk for some, and, quite frankly, be asleep for a lot.

God’s intricacy in designing a beautiful world is amazing, and his glory shines brightly through it, especially this time of year.

And I’ve got spring fever.


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