My Te(a)rrific Revenge

Hello Readers,

Most of you have probably read about my brother’s prank, if you haven’t, click on the link.

Now, unlike my brother’s effort, which began on a dark and stormy night, I chose the light of the mid-morning as a backdrop for my revenge.

My mom was the one who came up with the idea, actually. Gather ’round, kids. It’s story time…

She pulled me aside, the morning light flickering through the window to illuminate her grin. It was a concerning grin, with about eight levels more devious than normal. 

“I have a plan.”

An equally devious smile spread along my face as she laid out the steps. My “poor” dear brother would never know what hit him. 

Sometimes revenge is sweet, and other times, it tastes like tabasco sauce. 

The details of this plan were simple. 

Step 1. Leave a mug in the kitchen.

Step 2. Mom would call me out on it, and I would return to bring the mug back so Tea Time could commence.

Step 3. I would stealthily dump (yes, dump, not sprinkle. Revenge is not to be taken lightly, my dears) tabasco sauce into said cup. 

Step 4. I would then bring the cup back to her and she would make the tea as if nothing had happened. 

Step 5. Gloat. 

I immediately agreed to this brilliant idea, and we set out to accomplish it. However, I was a bit overzealous with my tabasco sauce. Instead of the five or so drops my brother had put in my cup, I filled a sixteenth of his. 

But I was not to be discouraged! I brought the cup to the table as planned, and my brother lifted the cup up to take a sip, and then screeched.

What. Is. That!?” 

The smell from the cup was so strong, it had hit his nose and made him cough and gag for several minutes.

While some may say that I have failed, I believe that a great lesson has been taught today.

Prank your sisters, and they’ll prank you back. Worse. 






6 thoughts on “My Te(a)rrific Revenge

  1. O_O Wow. Good job Gurl u_u XDDD I’m slightly terrified of you now ._. Whale, I guess you and your brother are off on good terms now….o_O ;P


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