The Book-Room Challenge

One of my new favorite blogs to read is Write Fury’s Blog, and one of these challenges caught my eye.

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So without a further ado, I present the rules of the Book-Room Challenge!


  1. Write 3 of your own books as rooms. They can be finished, works in progress, or even just ideas, but they have to be your own.
  2. Write 1 of your favorite books to read as a room.
  3. Tag 5 other people.




We Left When The Leaves Did:

A dark, slightly rundown room, vines growing up the sides. The floor is wooden and creaks as you walk in, your hand tightening around the brass knob. There’s hip hop playing in the background, and a pair of hoop earrings are left on a pretty ornate desk. There’s a shaggy grey carpet in the middle and an open window that lets the rain in. You hear people talking but you can’t make it out. An old gas lamp that almost looks otherworldly lights up the room. Items are tacked to the wall that definitely look alien. There’s a sci-fi teleport in the corner that’s dimly lit up. As you leave, you could swear you heard the distinct sound of magic.

A Sonata for the Changing Times: 

A brightly lit sun room, delicate curtains swaying in the wind. There’s a dark piano in the shadows of the room, a knife lying along the top of it. On the other side, there’s an easel, an unfinished painting titled “Wolf” is on top of it. It looks like a man, but you can’t see half of his face. Sheet music with jagged handwriting is scattered on the light wooden floor as the paint that was peeling off the walls join it. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling, sending pinpricks of light across the sheet music. A cup of coffee is carelessly left by the easel, lipstick marks along the edges of the cup. A cup of tea is left by the knife. Books are stacked up with a bowl of flowers at the top.


The Little Storm Child:

A small apartment room, a tiny grey couch by itself on a concrete floor. Light purple flowers decorate the wallpaper as the clouds gather around the window. Violin music plays quietly out of an old tape recorder. A blue blanket lies on the couch, and a green carpet lies across from the couch. A diamond set of chimes lies in the corner of the room, casting rainbows across the room. A set of bows lies forgotten by the tape recorder, and purple ballet shoes are scattered on the floor.

A favorite book to read:

The Giver:

A black and white room with spartan furniture, a bowl of bright red apples on the coffee table. The sky has no sun or clouds in it, just grey stretching for miles outside the window. Scattered along the room are bright colors. A messy handprint proudly displayed on the wall, a red throw blanket on the couch. A purple lightbulb hangs from the ceiling. A pair of glasses sit on the table by the apples on a blue cloth.

A cold blue light fills the room, flickering off of the bike lying in the corner.


I nominate Dreamer from Touches of Euphoria

Erin from The Upstairs Archives

Joshua from Letters From Skylark Drive

Hope from Stitches Of Freedom

And lastly, Houdinian from The Houdinian.









5 thoughts on “The Book-Room Challenge

  1. It take it that you like Doctor Who??? 😀

    Anyways, you did good, young Padawan. (Star Wars nerd…) I love Write Fury’s blog!!! And I saw when she did this tag (and I guess that you did this awhile ago…), and it looks pretty cool! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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