Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello Readers,

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by MonkeyEverything over at MonkeyEverything Blog. Thank you! 😀

1. What’s your favorite food to eat while writing?

Image result for person eating doritos
Doritos. I like to eat Doritos.

Or you know, apples and healthy things.

2. What’s the first thing you would do if the world began to burn up?

Image result for person eating apples gif
This question requires much thought.


Get all my friends and family in one place and tell them how much I love them because I don’t say it enough.

3. What’s your favorite author and why?

Image result for screaming gif
NO. Not this question.

I have multiple favorite authors. The reason I love them all is because they were able to take a beautiful story and tell truth about the world. The point of writing is to make art and show truth and beauty, and I believe that Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Andrew Peterson, Shakespeare, Louis Lowry, Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen and I literally could go on for this entire blog post listing my favorite authors because I have so many, were able to do this in a beautiful way.

If you are able to tell the truth in a wonderful beautiful story then you are my favorite author.

4. How many books have you read that you’ve not enjoyed?

Image result for sighing gif
More than I would have liked to.

Many a time I will put down a book because either the content is too mature, the language too bad, or the characters are just annoying. It’s mostly the latter, cause I tend to stay away from the former. But every now and then, you find a good book with a bad scene and then it’s back to the library for them.

5. Who’s your favorite character from literature?

Image result for screaming gif
Why all the hard questions, today?

I have so many favorite characters. So. Many. I will limit this to a random five for the sake of making this blog post short.

Frigga, Doctor Steven Strange, Artham Wingfeather, Ben Linus, and The Doctor. (Oh and Newt Scamander {yes, that is six, yes, I cheated})

6. What are your goals for future blogging?

To write posts and hopefully keep this up regularly.

7. How many characters have you murdered in your books? (approximately)

Hmmm. I honestly don’t know. I try to avoid killing my characters, but one of them is the last of his kind, so does that count? I killed a main character once.

You know what, I’m just going to go with five.

8. If you could pick ANY creature in this world… (or in a book) what kind of creature are you like? And why? (make sure to describe it so we all know what the creature is like! Unless it’s something universally known like a koala…)

Image result for bookworm
^ Me.

I think I would be like a book worm. Cause I live in libraries and want to be a butterfly.

9. What’s your favorite movie and filmscore composer? (filmscores are the music from movies if you were wondering. If you don’t have one, then just music is good too😄 )

My favorite movie is… agh, don’t make me choose. Doctor Strange. We’re going with that for now.

My favorite filmscore composer is Hans Zimmer.

10. If you had a choice between standing on your head for five minutes while eating a hamburger and doing jumping jacks for twenty-five minutes straight, which would you choose?

Jumping jacks. Definitely. I can’t stand on my head. Or touch my toes.

11. In regards to your favorite character’s hobbies (see #5) which is your favorite?

Hobbies. Um. Well…

Image result for doctor strange gif
I can’t really do this.
Related image
I don’t have one of these ^

I don’t exactly have wings like Artham, either…

Related image
Unlike this chap, I’m not trying to run my own island.
Image result for frigga gif
I can’t fence to save my life.
Related image
And I have no magical suitcase full of animals.

So my favorite characters’ hobby that is plausible for me to do and that I would actually do would be…


The End. Stay tuned for more tagging of people and questions.


1. If you could paint your entire house one color, what color would it be?

2. Do you prefer to write on notebooks or computers?

3. Winter or Summer?                                                                  

4. Favorite movie currently in theaters?                                 

5. If you could learn a skill overnight, what would it be?      

6. Favorite smell?                                                                              

7. Do you like writing with noise or silence?                              

8. Favorite quote? Or two? Or ten?                                               

9. Favorite childhood toy?                                                              

10. If you could change history, would you?   

11. What is your least favorite song?


I nominate:

Anyone who would like to do this tag or anyone who is wearing green. That is another way of saying, “I’m running out of time and can’t look for five bloggers that I haven’t already nominated for things.”





15 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. I did a little happy dance over here when I read Andrew Peterson on your list of favorite authors and when I saw Artham on your favorite characters! The Wingfeather Saga is amazing, and it’s so very rare for me and my siblings to find other people who know about them:D (although the Florid Sword is the best character). And *looks down at clothing* *gasp* I’m wearing green! Mind if I consider myself tagged?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 My entire family adores that series. (I cried at the end of the last book) We love his music too. In fact, I went to one of his concerts and got to meet him twice and get a book signed. (I too, love the Florid Sword, but Artham stole the title of favorite from the beginning.)

      And yes, I can’t wait to read your answers!


  2. Wait, like, Ben Linus from… LOST (SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAS WATCHED LOST!!!)???

    Also the Avengers gifs were fun, especially as I just watched The Avengers for the first time last Sunday!!! (And loved it, but I guess that goes without saying?)

    Anyway, I’m new around here, but I always love tags because it helps me get to know everyone a little better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! I HAVE! I’m on season… 4? I think. Watching it with my mom. Ben is my favorite, but I also really like Sawyer. Jack and Kate irritate me so much. ;D

      I too, love the avengers 😀

      I’m excited to see you here, I hope you’ll hang around. ^-^ I’ve really been enjoying your blog as well.


      1. No way! Me, too!

        Aw. I love Jack. He’s just too adorable. But I’m with you on the Kate thing. I despise her. She’s awful. She ruins everything. Sawyer is fully awesome – except when he is with Kate. Gross.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I can TOTALLY relate to number four!!! UGH! I hate bad scenes and language. It makes me sick, especially when it clutters up an otherwise perfect story.


    *continues fangirling for thirty years*

    I want a magical suitcase full of animals… 😦 Why can’t I be cool??? Haha!!

    And I absolutely adore the bookworm!!! Haha, and the whole butterfly thing was just absolutely adorable, haha!

    This entire post is amazing, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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