Well, That Was A Long Time, Huh?

Hello Readers,

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Alright, so I’ve been gone for a little while now. A month and a couple weeks, whoops. A media fast/writers’ block was put in place by my parents/and writers’ block by my mind and I thought disappearing was a better option than writing a post. Sorry about that.

that was probably not my best idea??

I’ve been really settling into my new home here, and so much has happened that I won’t try and sum it up in a post (cause that would be ridiculously long and I would get my dates mixed up.) But the bottom line is, God is good. I am so, so blessed and life is so very good. Look up, my friends, and let the light trickle on your face. It is there, even when we can only see darkness in front of us. Look up.

Some Of The Things Ruby Has Learned This Month 

(Told through gifs)


Christianity is about Community. Community with God and community with each other. I have felt this message so much this month. Christianity is about family. We are sons and daughters of God and brothers and sisters to each other.


Image result for dubai gif
The city can be as beautiful as the ocean, if you look in the right places.
Image result for thai tea gif
Thai Tea is ridiculously good.


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I am firmly Team Iron-Man, but Team Cap is cool too.
Mentors are a needed part of life, don’t be afraid to ask for them.
Organizing bookshelves is actually super fun, people.
I really enjoy coloring things, apparently?? I learned a new skill!


Image result for music on speakers gif
Speakers and music make life a million times better.


Ok, so I didn’t necessarily learn this, but I got Pop! Doctor Strange and Pop! Sawyer (from Lost) for my birthday. And you all needed to know this. Because they’re brilliant.

Oh and I just wanted to share this gem with y’all.

My dad put up my twinkle lights and I wrote this on my sister’s white board before she went off to school one day. I really like the way this picture turned out.

I promise I will try not to disappear for this long without warning again. Sorry!

~Ruby Sky




36 thoughts on “Well, That Was A Long Time, Huh?

  1. Wow, I missed you! It is wonderful to have you back! However, I am having my doubts about the city being as beautiful as the ocean if you look in the right places…lol. Love you, Aunt J ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love love love your posts and also your gifs. ❤ Lovely lessons.

    ALSO YOU GOT A POP DOCTOR STRANGE. ughhh I want one so bad. Whenever I've looked at the figures in stores they have every other character but not Strange. -_-

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YOU’RE BACK!!!! YAY!!!!!! *screams and throws confetti and gives a big hug*
    Awesome post and your gifs were *pause for emphasis* PERFECT
    YES TEAM IRONMAN!!!!! YAY!!! Team Captain America is nice, but Ironman? Gotta get me one of those mustaches.
    LOL But yeah, welcome back!!! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. WOOOOO YOU’RE BAAAAACCCKKK!! (even though I talk to you almost daily anyway XD) YOU’RE STILL BAAAAAAAACCKKK!!
    Love your blog, as always. I have never heard of Thai tea before O_o That gif is so awesome I might have to try it anyway (regardless if that gif is even of thai tea. ’cause now I have that image). Twinkle lights are amazing. Between Val and yourself I am aaaaaalllmooossttt Team Iron Man. Almost. I’ll be the ambassador for Team Cap and hang out with Team Iron Mans over there. XD *hugs* You’re amazing!
    (I had a little sugar. Can you tell? XD 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woohoo! 😀 And aw, thanks. 🙂 You should try thai tea, it is so delicious (and yes the gif is of thai tea)! And being an ambassador totally works. 😉 *hugs back* You’re amazing too!


  5. *tackle hugs* HI RUBY I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! *flails wildly*

    Actually… I’m supposed to be on Hiatus right now, but I really wanted to pop in to say how excited I am that you are back! *disappears in puff of smoke*

    Liked by 1 person


      I’m honored you took time out of your hiatus to say hey ^-^ *hands you chinese takeout as a parting gift*


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