In Which I Am Very Sunshin(e?)y

Hello Readers,

I keep getting tagged and forgetting to do them. Whoops.

My friend, Rayne at the bus stop, nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Here are the rules guidelines, for this prestigious award. Thanks so much, Rayne!


Rules Guidelines:

  1. Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog.
Here I am, displaying my award. Flaunting it, really. Jealous yet?

Alright. Now comes the interrogation Q&A that I am taking part in!

What motivated you to start blogging?

Image result for winnie the pooh thinking gif
We just start off with the real tough questions, huh, Rayne?

Hm. I really just wanted to be able to put my thoughts out into the world and read other people’s views on the world and all that is in it. I wanted to be able to get feedback from people other than my family.

Do you have a favorite story to tell people? (Hint: That’s a queue to tell US that story.)

Related image
^ Me trying to find a favorite story. I’m a storyteller. I have many stories. I love them all equally.

Gosh, this is a hard, hard question…


I really like telling people about The Target Meltdown. I would tell you this story, but I really need an entire blog post to tell it. So I guess you won’t be hearing it. Sorry guys. If you really want to hear it, let me know, and I’ll write up a blog post.

Who is your favorite author?


Image result for jack sparrow screaming gif
Well… I’m not sure how to go about answering this.


Gosh. How the heck am I supposed to answer this question? Am I allowed to pass? Can I pass this one?

Image result for you shall not pass gif

Guys, I’m sorry, I really am, but the opportunity for that gif… I needed to do it.

Alright, enough stalling, I know. My favorite author has changed so much over time and as I’ve changed my reading styles and what not. I have always loved C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I’m moving on before I write an entire blog posts about all the authors I like.

In what ways did this author inspire you in your own writing?

World building. I suck at it.

C.S Lewis and Tolkien do not.

What’s the greatest thing about your best friend?

Image result for that is an excellent question gif tony stark

Let’s just go with that my best friend is a fantastic human being who can play music better than anyone. Also he listens to me ramble and rant for longer and with more patience than anyone. Argue with me and I’ll fight you, people.

Camp or stay at a hotel?


Related image
I rarely quote or post gifs of Spongebob because I never really enjoyed the show. But this time, he’s got it right.

Hotels, man, hotels. All the way. 1005%

Fantasy or contemporary?

Image result for both both both is good
This is all I have to say on the matter.

If you could meet any fictional character, which would it be?

Related image

Oh goodness. Hmm. So many, so many. Alright, I’m just picking a random one. I’m sorry, all other favorite characters!

Image result for tony stark gif
This cat. Though I’d probably be terrified the entire time. Really, don’t ask me to meet people I admire.

Yea, so my favorite superhero is Iron-Man. Deal with it, y’all.

Do you have a special “spot” for reading?

Hahaha, oh yes.

Oh. Yes.

Behind the curtain and my bed. Or sprawled on my carpet.

Do you ever binge-read?

Most of the things I read are binge-read, my friend. I am a pro at binge-reading.

Does music distract you while you’re reading or do you prefer it?


Related image
I would be Stan in this situation, guys.


I prefer music. While reading, while cleaning, while walking to the store to get cereal.

Music is always good.

Now, comes the time for my eleven questions.

  1. Would you prefer to live in a treehouse or a cabin on a mountain?
  2. How long is acceptable to wear the same socks?
  3. Best song to listen to while doing something boring in order to make it epic?
  4. PB&J or turkey and cheese sandwiches? 
  5. What would you most like to play in a band? (Actual musical skill not required)
  6. What is the most perfect breakfast?
  7. What is your opinion on flying cars?
  8. Favorite classic movie?
  9. Do you like surprise birthday parties?
  10. Which of the following would you like to work in: mall bookstore, used bookstore, or a library?
  11. If there was one question you could ask and get the exact truth for an answer, what question would you ask? 
Image result for are you ready to rock gif
In case you didn’t like those questions, don’t worry.


The Nominees:

I nominate anyone who has watched Back To The Future in the past month, has pink or blue in their blog theme, or has a secret dream to become a race car driver.

~Ruby Sky




24 thoughts on “In Which I Am Very Sunshin(e?)y

  1. Your gifs are great! I also like your questions – especially the one about socks. Can you be nominated back to answer your own questions? Lol. Love you, Aunt J

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is actually spelled “sunshiny.” I KNOW. I was surprised too. *shrug*

    The gifs in this post were A++++++++ fabulousness.

    And noooooooo!!!! How could you be TeamIronMan????? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEE???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dang. I was close, though.

      Why thank you. -bows-

      Because it makes sense and Iron Man is my favorite ;D HOW COULD YOU BE TEAM CAP??? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MEEEE? ;D


  3. Loved the gifs. Iron Man is– I love all the Avengers, man. I mean, Cap will always be my favorite, but even the problematic fave Avengers are my babies. I love Scarlet Witch to pieces, too. I just loved her in Civil War. By the way, I’m not gonna fight you on the best friend thing. Mine is absolutely fabulous. One of my favorite people. Like, the person who knows more about me than anyone else, probably. And deals with my sarcasm and teasing.
    And I got long winded, sorry, Ruby. But I love reading your posts so much. ❤


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