My Long Overdue Return + An Interview

Hello Readers,

Sorry for the lack of posts, words have just been hard to come by lately. I want to be able to write my best for you all, so when the words start coming more, I will write them for you.

But, I’ve come back from my sad writer’s block with a grand announcement! A dear friend of mine, Kate fromΒ Story and Dark Chocolate is beginning a new blog with the fantastic title of The Bubblegum Rebellion. Why, you ask? Well, just keep reading and you’ll find out all about it. But first, a little bit about Kate herself.

As a four-year-old, Kate regularly yelled long, enraged monologues to the nonplussed white wall of her bedroom when she got sent there as punishment. Her penchant for the dramatic was born then and it continued to grow and flourish as Kate matured. In recent years, the realization dawned on her – she was never happier than when she was acting. Her passion is to bring stories to life – whether it is on a stage or in front of a camera – and her hope is that those stories will change people. When she isn’t at rehearsals, she loves writing dark, heavy books that usually include explosions, a big family, and lots of ethnic culture, drawing creepy things that are either burning or bleeding with her art pencils, and reveling in the haunting wistfulness of the trees when she takes long hikes in a nearby park.

So, Kate, since this is my first interview, so you might have to help me along a bit. Assuming that some of my readers don’t follow you (which they should, right after reading this post), what are some things you can tell us about yourself that aren’t included in your bio?

THAT IS TOP SECRET INFORMATION. Which is why it’s not in my bio.

Okay, fine.
Hmmm. I’m the sixth child out of seven. So I almost got to be the baby of the family but then my brother happened and ruined everything. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little girl. I’m a huge Lord of the Rings nerd. I am wildly romantic and SHIP ALL OF THE THINGS. There’s a lot more (how is a HUMAN BEING supposed to be summed up in a bio anyway?) I’m sure, but those are a few things that were floating around on the top of my head.
Fantastic! I also love Lord of the Rings (I’m reading through The Silmarillion right now). I’m really curious as to what caused you to start your current blogging project, The Bubblegum Rebel. Can you tell us about that?
WHOA THERE SAMWISE. The Silmarillion??? *slow clap*

I’m about to head off to college and that was the BIG IMPETUS. (Actually wading through admissions and all that agony I MEAN THRILLING ADVENTURE right now.) This is a new chapter of my life and I desperately wanted to START OVER. I’m going to be honest with you… I am not currently the person that I want to be. So that’s why I began this. Because I need a fresh start – I need to rediscover childlike joy and wonder and innocence and simplicity.


It’s a bit thick, but really good! I’d definitely recommend it if you have the time to read it.

Oh my, I’ll be praying that it all goes well for you, my friend! So it’s a bit of a rediscovery type of thing? I really loved the layout of your website that I saw, it reminded me of being a kid again. It just looks so inviting, like a living room. In making the Bubblegum Rebel, what are you trying to communicate to your readers?


Already read it. *wink*

Thank you so much! THAT IS THE PERFECT WORD FOR IT. Yes. Rediscovering and really… DARING to be the kind of person I want to be instead of choosing the coward’s way out.
Aww. I worked hard to make it have that childhood nostalgia built in, so I’m glad that it took you back to “the good old days.” Well, I hope to write some poems and things to post on the blog but mostly it’s about VISUALS. Photography, short films, and a serial show that I’m going to post on YouTube.
I want to tell people a lot of things. That they can start over too, for one thing. But also that they have huge potential – the truth is that people ARE WATCHING how you live your life. So if you in freedom and hope… people are going to be impacted by you. They can’t help it.

I’m impressed! Not many have.

That’s really awesome, glad I could help with a word. πŸ™‚ I think we all have to go through periods of that throughout life. I’m really excited to see what you do with the serial show, I haven’t seen very many of those! That is a fantastic message.
I think I read on your website that there’s a way to get guest contributors involved? What does that look like/what are the requirements for it?

Same to you, lovely.

YOU ARE A BENEFACTRESS FOREVER. This is very true, life is sort of an endless cycle of being hardened and then breaking out of that shell and then being hardened… LIKE A BUTTERFLY! *squeeeak* I’m excited too. You all have no idea of what awaits you, muahahhahhaaaaa.

Yes! You can shout suggestions or volunteer to help me write one episode or even join the HIGHLY OFFICIAL TEAM fulltime. Whatever you want. You can get in touch with me in a variety of ways (but don’t actually touch me, that would be creepy) — the new site *shiny link* has one of the FANCY SCHMANCY CONTACT-ME PORTALS so you can use that or leave a comment or email me at any time of day or nigh at!

(Also carrier pigeons.)

Aw, thanks ^-^ I for one, am extremely excited to see where this will take you. I can’t wait to see how it develops and changes as your writing style changes and as you mature as a person. I can not wait for some amazing content!

One last time for the folks in the back, this has been an interview with the amazing Kate of The Bubblegum Rebellion, and she’s definitely going to rule the world, so jump on the train while you can.

I won’t letcha down, Maw!!!

*waves and throws M&M’s at everyone*
(Thank you so much, Ruby, for letting me come and shout about my craziness!!)
Anytime, lovely! πŸ™‚
That, my friends, was a lot of fun to do! I really hope you will check out her blog, I really love what she’s doing there. If you want to contribute to the Bubblegum Rebellion, hop on over, she’d love to have you.

25 thoughts on “My Long Overdue Return + An Interview

  1. ASDFGHJKL!!!!! THIS INTERVIEW WAS SO LOVELY AND ACK!!!! I loved your questions, Ruby!!!! (also, for never having done an interview before, DUDE YOU WERE AMAZING AT IT??? *proudly gives you cookies*

    And ACK I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE BUBBLEGUM REBELLION!!!! It is going to be amazing. It is going to be lovely. IT IS GOING TO BE SO COOL!!!!! (did you hear there’s going to be merch??? THERE’S LITERALLY GOING TO BE MERCH!!!!!! *flails for 116 days*

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  2. I really like that you want your writing to be at its best on your blog so don’t feel pressured to post when the motivation isn’t there! πŸ˜€
    Great interview! I’m about to check out her blog. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Ruby! It’s so good to see you over here! I’m sorry that I didn’t see this (or really anything you’ve been posting, sorry!) earlier, but I really haven’t been on the internet at all in the past month? Real life has been getting to me. Also, I will be sure to check out the bubblegum rebel soon!

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    1. Hello Carissa! I actually don’t know if I know your sister. I’m fairly certain I would remember the name Jaylene, and I know that I don’t know anybody by that name. Perhaps a pen name or something? XD Sorry! I’m glad that you’re following, though ❀ Pleasure to have you!


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