i. looking forward to looking back

i. looking forward to looking back

don’t be afraid of changes,

don’t be afraid when the world tilts and you hold on a little tighter

you typically grab onto what matters

you grab on tightly to your sister’s unmarred hand, it still feels so small in yours

you remember when she was born, and you held hands like this

you bury your head in your jacket (the one you got five years back at a gift shop)

breathing in the smell of home as the world seems to lose its sanity

while you stand in the middle, ashamed that you don’t know the song they’re singing

how can you learn it when they all know it so well?

but the rowdy fanfare and that assaulting of your senses, they will fade

they will quiet with time, and you will look around

and realize

that you, my dear

have changed as well

your jacket smells like an old place, not home

your ears can pick out each one of these voices that were so overwhelming before

the smells, you know them, the songs, you’ve led the singing by this point

you look down at yourself, your sister’s hand is the size of your own now

but you still remember the day she was born and it still makes you cry

you look up again, at this now familiar place that once terrified you and you realize

you have changed the most of all.

–  ruby

(inspired by the lovely Elyra’s poetry style lately, I switched up my typical format to see what writing it like this would be like. Check her out over at https://tworoadsdivergedinyellowwood.wordpress.com. Her poems are gorgeous.)


24 thoughts on “i. looking forward to looking back

  1. Ahh, so good! Your poem reminds me of Taylor Swift’s song, Never Grow Up. Not because they’re that similar, but the line about her remembering when her little sister was born and how she’s grown up now made my mind make the leap between the two.

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