Five Songs from October

I’ve been listening to these five songs on repeat this month – I’ll probably hate them in November, but I’ve been stuck on them. Share a few of your favorites in the comments – I’m always looking forward to new music! I find that certain songs remind me of certain seasons of life.

Counting Stars by One Republic will always remind me of living in North Africa. I remember listening to it outside while smelling the jasmine trees and hearing a stray cat yowl every now and then over the concrete wall. I can feel the dusty wind on my face as I hear the beginning chords, and if I listen close, as the ending note plays I can almost hear my Rottweiler’s big paws padding as he lays by the door outside.

1. Jeremy Zucker – Comethru


2. Passenger – Thunderย 

3. For King and Country – Burn The Shipsย 


4. Seven – Sleeping At Last (also my dad’s enneagram type!)


5. Library Magic – Head and the Heart


Honorable mention: New Start by Weary Friend – it’s on spotify and apple music, look it up!


26 thoughts on “Five Songs from October

  1. I LOVE Burn the Ships! And is that from a new Sleeping at Last album? I don’t think I’ve heard that before… (Do you have a Spotify I could stalk? Your taste looks excellent.)

    Heavy rotation for me includes Anthem Lights’ cover of Do It Again; BTS’s The Truth Untold (my best friend is into KPOP, so it couldn’t be helped); and an audio version of the Bible on Spotify because I’m reading through it right now.

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    1. Me too, me too! ๐Ÿ˜€ And yes, he’s been releasing an enneagram song every few months.

      (I do, but spotify doesn’t work well here so I’ll have to clean it up a lot but I will definitely message my account to you once all my playlists are there ;D)

      Oooooo, I will have to check out the Anthem Light’s one. I tried to listen to some KPOP (a really good friend of mine loves it) but I just couldn’t get into it. XD

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      1. Oooo. I need to dig into this..

        (No worries! My Spotify is a perpetual mess. I get it.)

        Anthem Lights JUST released a new album with a bunch of covers of Christian songs. This was my favorite from that.

        Mostly I listen to it for her sake when we’re on road trips, but this particular song is the right style that I don’t mind it.

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  2. Oh my goodness… Your description of what Counting Stars means to you kind of just BROKE ME OH MY WORD RUBY THAT IS THE SWEETEST SADDEST THING. <333 *hugs* And as for all of these songs. . .I don't think I've ever heard any of them. MAAAAAAYBE Seven, but I'm not sure. However, I absolutely ADORE For King And Country (they are one of my all-time FAVORITE bands!!!!) so I'm gonna go look that one up… And actually I'm going to go binge all of these while I clean my room. Aha. #notsorry

    As for music I'm kind of obsessed with lately, I really really REALLY love Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop by (I think??) Landon Pigg. It is adorable and sweet and basically my favorite right now… But I also really love Snow Miser by FM Static (it's a cover), and I'm currently EXTREMELY OBSESSED with everything Lindsey Stirling. So yeah. XD I love music right now. XD XD XD

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  3. YES, song recommendations. Oh, Sleeping at Last! I just listened to a podcast interview of him by Annie F. Downs on That Sounds Fun this week. I’ve been listening to Comethru and Thunder while reading your post and writing this comment, and I really like the sound of each of them. I have listened to some of Passenger’s other songs, but I’m not sure if I have this one. I’m still figuring out what type of music I like, but here are two songs: Not All Heroes Wear Capes by Owl City and Hard by Rich Mullins.

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    1. Oh I love him!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m really glad you like those two! Passenger is great chill music to listen to, definitely.

      I love Rich Mullins โค Owl City has a couple songs I really like, but that's typically it – I do like the song you named though!

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      1. I will! Also I’m doing good apart from tiredness (which is weird because daylight savings just ended, so extra hour of sleep was had last night–but also explains tiredness because my body thinks it’s nine o’clock rather than eight) thanks for asking! How are you doing?? ๐Ÿ™‚

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