Walk if You Can’t Jump.

I don’t like jumping out of my comfort zone. I love staying within my nice office, holed up with a comfy sweater and my mom’s old jeans (thanks mom!) with some decaf coffee and no makeup. I don’t really like working out – it’s hard and sweaty and I feel like people are looking at me. I don’t like failing, I hate answering questions I’m not 100% sure I got correct. I hate ordering.

I’m not good at jumping into the things that make me nervous, I’m not good with spontaneous events.

But you know what? I might not be good at jumping, but I can walk.

I dyed my hair again, I dress nicer when I leave the house (and I like it a lot), and I found some lipstick that makes me feel like a spy. I might not like working out, but it’s healthy and needed, so I’ve been doing 15 minutes of stretching exercises every day and doing my best to eat healthier.  I’ve been making myself order without rehearsing a million times. I’ve been trying to give myself space to be wrong and experience more unplanned events.

I think that’s what’s key. Letting yourself have room to make mistakes. Create space in your life to do things that you could fail at. Create time to work on something that you aren’t perfect at and kill the inner perfectionist.

When you can’t jump – walk. Little goals, little steps, little moments of stretching yourself.

You can’t pray well? Spend five minutes as you’re going to sleep praying, pray when you get up in the morning, let little prayers fall out of your mouth as you walk about your day. You don’t need to jump into a closet for three hours, you can walk in prayer.

Sometimes progress is walking slowly along a bridge instead of jumping across the canyon.

Sometimes progress looks a lot like failure – I only wrote 30k for NaNoWriMo but I’m more proud of those 30k than any 50k I’ve written before. So walk, my friends, if you can’t jump.






25 thoughts on “Walk if You Can’t Jump.

  1. Okay but like….did you read my mind or…? Ruby. This post is EVERYTHING that I needed to hear right now. Like seriously. I am so overwhelmed that I don’t even know what to say.

    All those things you said you’re not good at or hate doing? SAME. I rehearse my order a million times in my head, I don’t like exercising, I don’t like even leaving the HOUSE, to be honest. XD But…you’re right. It’s the little things. The baby steps. I know I knew this deep down inside, but I’ve been ignoring it because it’s safer not to go anywhere than to fall. But I’m gonna start walking today. Right now. Thank you so much, Ruby. You are amazing and always an inspiration to me, and this post is going to be pinned in my bookmarks. <333

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    1. Ahhh you’re gonna make me cryyyyy. ❤ I'm so glad you feel this too – let's walk together. ❤ You are so welcome, I'm so glad I could help you out when your posts make me grin every time. Love you, Kenzie!

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  2. Love this post! You have a lot of great things to say and I’m glad you can share them on your blog.

    I’m always wanting to change my routine, but then I think about how there is so much to change and not enough time for me to actually do it all. This post has made me less intimidated by that though, so thank you! Wow, I feel like I can change the world now 🙂

    Simi ~ simizat.wordpress.com

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