Protect The Things That Make You Happy

Firstly, let’s just notice the fact that I’m posting twice in the same month – something that hasn’t happened in forever, which is both sad and happy. I mean, I need to post more, but also, I posted twice in a month!

Secondly, my blogiversary happened sometime this month – three years, you guys! That’s insane. It feels like forever ago that I started this blog and was so proud of my very first pieces of writing then the crinnggeee, ow and now we’re here. Pretty crazy how much my writing style has grown but also stayed the same over the years.

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is entertainment’s pull recently to be more “realistic” and “gritty” and “disturbing”. I keep seeing articles with “15 Ways This Popular Franchise Is Unrealistic”, “Particular Disturbing Drama is What We Need In 2019”, “This Popular Show Sheds Light On Disturbing Illegal Things”, etc.

And I understand that art is supposed to be in your face sometimes. It can be so good for art to grab people and force them to open their eyes and ears to things they have refused to acknowledge. That’s good, we need to be aware that the world is broken so that we can do our best to help.

But on the other hand, I think that the majority of people are aware that the world is broken. We know that this world is sinful and relationships are broken and there are things that happen that we can not fix or stifle no matter how fast and loud we talk. And it is with that heavy heart that I wearily click off of the news, that I turn my eyes away from ads, that I try to skim Netflix titles as quick as I can before they grab at my heart and make me want to cry.

Most times, when I pick up a book or turn on my computer, I want to find something that gives me a reason to look out my window and see the sunshine that today is bringing, not the mud puddles of yesterday. That’s a metaphor, cause it never rains here. I want to watch something that will make me smile, make me laugh. And I think that is just as valid as anything that is realistic and powerful.

Cause the truth is that sometimes, things don’t need to be realistic. They don’t need to be gritty or compelling or “woke”, sometimes they just need to make you happy. Sometimes you just need to laugh or smile.

So protect those things. Watch Highschool Musical for the 15th time, binge Studio C, pick up that well worn book and read all your favorite parts. Protect the things that make you happy, and don’t let anyone tell you they aren’t compelling enough.

Sometimes things exist just to give you happiness, and that is enough.

~ruby sky

What are your happy things? Mine are: Studio C, Blimey Cow, Jack Johnson, John Crist, Big Nate, Understood Betsy, Full House, and baking shows. Any baking show. I love them. 


31 thoughts on “Protect The Things That Make You Happy

  1. Hi! The name’s Penny! Nice to meet ya! ❤ I’ve been following your blog for a little while now! I love it!! 😍😍👏👌
    I LOVED this post!!! Like unbelievably so. I agree so much with this!!! There just needs to be more happy in the world!!! I’m always talking about this myself but I wondered if anyone else was tired of the sadness. Thanks for this!! ❤❤
    (Also, I saw your WordPress pic…..LOVE your hair!)

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  2. Hey Ruby, liked your metaphor. We’ve had quite a bit of rain here recently, but the sun is shining today- cold though- 23F this am. We very seldom watch main stream media anymore. In fact we seldom turn on the TV. Jim watches folks on YouTube that he follows. We are trying out Pure Flixes this month. It’s supposed to be family entertainment over internet. Be blessed. Give our love to the rest of your fam. Love, Aunt Jean

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    1. Hello Aunt Jean! ❤ It's great to hear from you. Oh my, that's really cold! I'm really glad to hear that you guys are pursuing what makes you happy 🙂 I'll tell the family – love you guys!


      1. I’ve never watched HSM before, so this was my first time. I thought the theater pulled it off beautifully, and the actors were great. Singing was lovely too. They modified the script a little to make it more funny, like poking fun at chromebooks.

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  3. Studio C is a BIG “happy thing” for me. Peter Hollens, too, along with any other person who’s just clearly happy and passionate about what they do: Brian Hull, Lexi Walker, Blimey Cow. All of these people just so clearly LOVE what they do, and it makes me happy to see other people happy. ^-^

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  4. “Protect the things that make you happy.” That’s a great sentence and an important reminder, Ruby. Thanks for sharing your heartful insights that make me ponder. ❤️ Also, I think I need to read Understood Betsy again. 😊 I too love baking shows (as you know) and spending time with my wonderful family – even if it is a video call. Love you!
    ~Aunt J

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  5. I love Blimey cow and Studio C too! Although I might not continue watching since the original cast is moving to a different studio and I don’t really care for the two new cast members so I’m not holding my breath for the new ones they might hire.

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  6. I think it’s a balance for sure, but you’re right, we need positivity and hope in this world – not to hide from reality, but to help us do something about it 🙂 Awesome post, lovely ❤️💕 Ahh, my friends LOVE Full House and I have to say – from watching some with them – it is pretty funny. I’m watching this series at the moment called When Calls The Heart and it so beautiful and heart-warming. You’d love it, I think.

    I find a lot of happiness in interactions with people I care about – conversations, text messages, discussions.
    Also from music and songs lyrics, doing something for someone else, being outside and small things of great beauty 😊 xxxx

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    1. Definitely – we need a balance. Aww, thank you so much ^-^

      Yesss, Full House is great. Ooo, I’ve heard about that show, I’ll have to check it out!

      ^-^ lovely things to bring you happiness.

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  7. John Crist! I’ve heard of him because he was on a podcast I listen to for an interview. That’s one of my happy things- podcasts. Another thing that I haven’t done enough but I have a feeling will become a good thing is documentaries like Planet Earth and Blue Planet.

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  8. I was reading some poetry recently trying to feel full and sleepy the way good poetry makes me feel–and the poetry I found suggested for me online just sickened me. It wasn’t even the good type of painful poetry that moves you to sadness or sympathy but at the same time doesn’t make you feel the world is a despicable place. The poetry I stopped reading in favor of some poems from a child’s book just emptied me out and made me feel worse the more I read it.
    So yeah, I hear ya. It’s important to have nice things and good things and beautiful things.

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    1. Oh dear, I’m sorry you had to have that experience :/ Children’s books of poetry are sometimes much better than contemporary.

      Definitely, it’s important to have those things and important to protect them.

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  9. Watching animated shows is one of my happy things, and dancing to pop/rock in my bedroom (usually when I should be cleaning 😉 ) but I’ve also been learning to cherish my quiet mornings when I’m the only one home or awake, and just being during that time.

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