a small town lullaby

Wrote this the other night as it popped into my head while I was trying to sleep. Inspired by the town where my parents grew up and I was born.


a small town lullaby

what’s it like in a small town?

it’s soft and sleepy

you wake up knowing how things will be

time crawls, it doesn’t speed past you in a ferrari

the sky rumbles when it rains

i stood outside in it once and felt so small

everyone knows me, everyone knows everyone

you forget what year it is in a small town

you don’t need a map – someone knows how to get where you’re going

but i couldn’t live in a small town

i can only visit

for i am restless

the restless do not belong in small towns

but they are welcomed when the city chews them up and spits them out

the restless swap out their skyscrapers for stars

fancy cars for an old pickup

hotel rooms for that back room your mother never repainted

you lay down on that old bed you scrambled into as a child

this might not be forever, but it’s good for right now

you can finally sleep in a small town


~ Ruby


24 thoughts on “a small town lullaby

  1. You need a break from the big city? Come visit us this summer. Maybe we’ll have that bedroom painted before you get there. 😄 We will have rain again too.
    Love this! I want to frame it! Love you, Grams

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  2. This is so tender and sweet, full of memories. You always have a place of rest in the “small town” of our family, Rubes. You can even stay in the back room of my house that has never been repainted! Lol. Love you so much.
    ❤️ ~Aunt J

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  3. Ruby, this is absolutely beautiful. I am in love!!! I live in a small town, and honestly this makes me so happy. Big cities aren’t really my thing, but you have captured the feeling of a small town so poetically. I don’t even have words. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. THAT IS ALL. <333

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