My Long Overdue Return + An Interview

Hello Readers, Sorry for the lack of posts, words have just been hard to come by lately. I want to be able to write my best for you all, so when the words start coming more, I will write them for you. But, I've come back from my sad writer's block with a grand announcement! [...]


Thought of the Day

Your worth does not lie in your performance. Your worth is not defined by yourself and how well you do, but by the Creator of the world, who sees straight through you and loves you anyway (not despite or because of anything you've done, but because he has made you and he loves you). Your worth [...]

Listen To Your Parents So You Don’t Become Like Me

Hello Readers, Well, I was going to write a post a couple days back, but then I was physically unable to. How so, you ask? Well, my left hand was out of commission. What'd I do to my hand? How did I do whatever I did? Well, let me explain. Eh, what the heck? I'll [...]