Well, That Was A Long Time, Huh?

Hello Readers,

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Alright, so I’ve been gone for a little while now. A month and a couple weeks, whoops. A media fast/writers’ block was put in place by my parents/and writers’ block by my mind and I thought disappearing was a better option than writing a post. Sorry about that.

that was probably not my best idea??

I’ve been really settling into my new home here, and so much has happened that I won’t try and sum it up in a post (cause that would be ridiculously long and I would get my dates mixed up.) But the bottom line is, God is good. I am so, so blessed and life is so very good. Look up, my friends, and let the light trickle on your face. It is there, even when we can only see darkness in front of us. Look up.

Some Of The Things Ruby Has Learned This Month 

(Told through gifs)


Christianity is about Community. Community with God and community with each other. I have felt this message so much this month. Christianity is about family. We are sons and daughters of God and brothers and sisters to each other.


Image result for dubai gif
The city can be as beautiful as the ocean, if you look in the right places.
Image result for thai tea gif
Thai Tea is ridiculously good.


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I am firmly Team Iron-Man, but Team Cap is cool too.
Mentors are a needed part of life, don’t be afraid to ask for them.
Organizing bookshelves is actually super fun, people.
I really enjoy coloring things, apparently?? I learned a new skill!


Image result for music on speakers gif
Speakers and music make life a million times better.


Ok, so I didn’t necessarily learn this, but I got Pop! Doctor Strange and Pop! Sawyer (from Lost) for my birthday. And you all needed to know this. Because they’re brilliant.

Oh and I just wanted to share this gem with y’all.

My dad put up my twinkle lights and I wrote this on my sister’s white board before she went off to school one day. I really like the way this picture turned out.

I promise I will try not to disappear for this long without warning again. Sorry!

~Ruby Sky




A Poem Made Of Hymns and Worship Songs

Hello Readers,

The words fail to come to my fingers, my friends. They swirl in my head but don’t look right on paper. Like a misspelled word or a painting turned sideways. I want to write a poem, but I do not have the words to one. I can not write because what I have been saved from is overwhelming. I have a debt paid for that I can not explain in the simple words I know.

But that’s alright. The words will come. Until then, I can only rehash the words I know to be true. The words that have given me so much comfort.

Take heart, we are not in control.

there is power in the name of Jesus.

though satan should buffet, though trials should come…

make my life a prayer to you.

amazing grace,





it is well, it is well

amazing grace



wretch like me

there is power in the name of Jesus

i want toi need to

be more like Jesus. 

prone to wander

lord, i feel it.

Amazing grace

it is well




nothing lasts, except the grace of God, by which I stand,

in Jesus.

it’s your breath in my lungs


your love broke through


(all lyrics are not mine)

Writing and School: A Survival Guide

Hello Readers,

Just in time for Camp NaNoWriMo, I have a handy dandy sort of helpful(??) guide survival guide. Prepare to be amazed!

Step One:

Look At All That You Must Accomplish… AKA Panic


Love and Other Drugs
Mope and groan. Look at your plot, look at the pile of school.

After you have sufficiently been overwhelmed, move onto step two. It gets better from here.

Step Two:

Sort Out Your Priorities. 


Image result
Be Obi-Wan, not Padmé. Do not be Padmé. You got this.

Look at what you need to get done that day, and please, look at it realistically. Factor in snack breaks and inevitable probable procrastination. Know your limits. Do not think things like “I can do five math lessons in an hour and then figure out that one plot hole in ten minutes.”

That. Will. Not. Happen. Realistically.

Trust me, I tried.

Step Three:

Start On The First Thing.


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I’m not dramatic, you’re dramatic.

You’re laughing, aren’t you? “Wow, Ruby, I had no idea I was supposed to start. Thanks for adding that to the list.” You’d be surprised at how many projects are never finished because they were never actually started because the person got too lazy and procrastinated.

The beginning is the hardest part of any project. The middle and the end are beasts as well.

Make yourself begin. Whether it’s googling that math formula that you need to memorize, writing the first sentence of a book, or finishing that latin homework you forgot about over spring break.

Because once you begin, you feel guilty if you do not finish.

Step Four:

Let Yourself Have Breaks, But Not Too Many or Too Long.

See, you start out with great intentions of only having a ten minute break or a couple breaks. And then you wind up an hour or twenty breaks later explaining yourself to the pile of work that needs to be done and you look something like this man below.


I never take too long breaks, what are you talking about?

And once you take too long or too many breaks, you start to crave the sun and fresh air. You want to talk to people.

Once that happens, you can’t go back to chipping away at your block of work. So do yourself a favor and limit the breaks. You can go lay in the sunshine when you’re done.

Step Five:

Work For The Allotted Time Period.

Once you have figured out how long you want your “work day” to be, every day, work for that entire amount of time. Plus breaks and whatnot. But don’t decide that you’re going to end earlier that day and go later the next. Do your best to have a rhythm. School and writing can be juggled chaotically, but still juggled. You’ve got this!

Image result for jack sparrow gifs
Very important advice.

Step Six:

Once The Work Is Done, We Don’t Think About Work. 

The work is done. It does not matter anymore. Work has no hold on us. We are free. Free as a bird. Until tomorrow morning.

All joking aside, this is actually very important. Placing what you must do tomorrow out of your mind once you can do no more is actually healthy. You stress less, you can relax more, and you can get more done if there is an end in sight.

Image result for excited gifs
You can be like this guy for the rest of the evening if you want.


Step Six:


Pretty self-explanatory.


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If only I could fall asleep that quickly.

Hope this was able to help those of you writers who were frantically looking for this guide. I got your back. 😉



A Few Thoughts

Hello Readers,

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Me after my long hiatus.

I know I’ve been completely absent kind of quiet this past month. I’ve just been adjusting to my new home and doing a decent amount of school. Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up next month and I am extremely excited to write a completely new novel for it.

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Me with my novel characters. -cough-

I really like Mushu gifs, alright? Give a girl a break.

Anyway, Mushu gifs aside, this has been an interesting month for me. I moved across the ocean, have lived and am currently living in a hotel for a little over three weeks now, been to a mall with a ski slope and penguins in it (no, I am not joking, that is a legit thing), and met a lot (and I mean a lot) of new people.

Image result for emperor's new groove gifs

Here are some things I’ve learned or relearned about moving:

  • It gets easier once you’re actually there.
  • Emotions don’t make sense, just go into it knowing that. Let yourself feel the emotions, eat a bag of goldfish, and move on. No sense in dwelling on them.
  • Moving is an adventure, it’s a chance to explore something new. You have a completely blank slate. Nobody knows anything about you. You have so many opportunities to make minions to read your books one day new friends.
  • Find an anchor and you’ll be fine.
  • You’ll dream about all the goodbyes you said and wake up disoriented. It’s alright. Relish the feeling of knowing you’re done with goodbyes for a while and rub the sleep from your eyes.
  • If you want to get to know people, you need to go and make the first step. Prove that you’re going to stick around.
  • People are much friendlier than you might think.
  • Moving is scary but it’s not as scary as we make it out to be.
  • If you eat more ice cream than normal, it is completely fine.
  • Remember, goodbyes are hard but they are worth the hellos you said.
  • If you leave, it isn’t the end of the world. Rather, the beginning of a new one.
  • An end is required for the next chapter. Don’t hang onto the last words, rather, make new ones.

I hope you all have a great week!

~Ruby Sky



Finally! A Writing Post!

Hello Readers,

So I realized I don’t really talk that much about my writing projects on here. There was a post a while back on How To Break The World, but besides that, I haven’t really talked about them all that much.

Today, that is going to change. Today, you will be hearing all about my recent project, a novella prequel to How To Break The World titled How To Crush A Revolution. But first, we will begin with the cover.


The reason why I wrote How To Crush A Revolution is because most of the events in How To Break The World are almost entirely influenced by an event that happens just before the book begins. I realized, after writing the first draft that I had no idea how that grand event actually happened and the ins and outs of how this world of Asgard worked before How To Break The World.

So, a prequel seemed in order. A little over six months went into writing it, and I am proud to say that it is nearly finished!

Plot: The idea of this prequel is that riots are breaking out and the people are becoming unstable because of the lie they’ve been telling themselves for centuries. The lie that they are “gods”. They want to take the earth and rule it because they feel that they deserve it. That’s where Loki comes in. The government can’t do anything to stop them or placate the mobs that are continually growing, so they decide to wipe the slate clean. They want to begin again. So Loki is called upon to use his gifts to make this idea become a reality. Hence the name, How To Crush  A Revolution, because that is essentially what he’s doing.

The Cast:

Loki Laufeyson is my protagonist in both this book and How To Break The World. All scenes are from his point of view. He is a hodgepodge of many different interpretations of the original Loki in the myths. He is mischievous but not evil. Chaotic, but not without his good moments. He wants a second chance, but is unsure about how to get one. He is a wanderer and easily bored, which is why he generally turns to various means to satisfy his craving for mischief. A Liesmith is what the magicians of Asgard are called, and they use their gifts to protect the kingdom from intruders. Loki is one of the most powerful, surpassing even his teacher, Frigga.

“Hello, gentlemen.” My words crash against the glass like water, and their eyes are still wide in fright while their shaking limbs relax. Interesting.

He presses the piece of paper against the glass, his finger accidentally hitting into it every time it shakes.

“You have to come with us.”

I open my hands wide and shrug.

He blinks, as if he did not expect this. He takes his paper back, scribbling on it before shoving it against the glass, staring widely at me.

“What do you want?”

~How To Crush A Revolution 

Aesthetic for Loki Laufeyson. ^-^

Sigyn Laufeyson is Loki’s wife and she used to be a highly influential political figure in the Asgardian government. Now she works more behind the scenes; she is even more influential now than she was when she was younger. She loves books more than anything and she’s the one of the only people that will stand up to Loki. She is throwing around the idea of writing an autobiography to encourage young girls who want to be politicians. She also adores hot beverages and rainy days.

     -Flashback scene-


           “Hello, I’m Loki.” I say, trying to recover from the oddity that is this girl.

            “I know who you are.” She rolls her eyes, turning back to her book. “I’m busy. The main character just discovered his father’s coworker was the killer and I need to know how it ends.”

            I blink. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never been ignored before. Nobody can actually ignore me because of my gift. How can she? I’ve been hated, yes, but never ignored.

            “Who are you?” I ask, the words rolling off my tongue before I can take them back, my curiosity piqued.

            “Sigyn.” She mumbles, flipping the page, her eyes widening. “Oh my… I did not see that coming.”

            She doesn’t look at me again, and I think that’s when I started to love her.

~How To Crush A Revolution

Aesthetic for Sigyn Laufeyson ❤

Hel Laufeyson is the daughter of Loki and Sigyn Laufeyson. She is the governor of the Herlið district, which makes her essentially the commander of the army. Because of her station, she has tattoos down half her body that identify her so she can give orders easily. She is a brilliant planner, but she doesn’t like her job because she can’t stand to watch men lose lives. They jokingly call her “the queen of hell” because of the missions she has had to send the army on. She knows she must do it for the good of her country, but she can’t help but wonder what would have happened if she had been chosen for a different path. She worries a lot about her father and brothers.

            “You need rest. That’s why they sent me instead of Mother. Mother would let you out of bed and help you but I refuse. I refuse to let you work yourself to death. Mother may have given up on trying to get you to slow down, but I haven’t.” She stiffens with anger as she glares at me.

I raise my eyebrows. “How long do you think you can keep me here, Hel?”

“Until you’re well enough to stand on your own.” She says, and then quickly adds. “Without illusions.”

“You know all my tricks.” I grin, winking at her.

                                                                                                                              ~How To Crush A Revolution

Aesthetic for Hel Laufeyson ❤ 

Jörmungandr “Jor” Laufeyson is the son of Sigyn and Loki Laufeyson. He has snake eyes and scaly arms because of his father’s gifts, and he can make fire with his hands. He has to wear specially designed glasses to keep from seeing in infrared instead of normal vision. He is also slightly colorblind. Jor is a scientist and is very gentle and calm. Few would expect him to be a Laufeyson, as they have a tendency to be bold and confrontational. Jor stays out of the limelight that his family almost constantly walks in. Very few people actually remember that he is the son of Loki and Sigyn, but his “Laufeyson” side comes out when people touch his experiments.

“You’re… causing widespread amnesia for the government to turn a blind eye to your exploits?” He asks, his legs shaking now and he drops his briefcase. “And you’re… coming to say goodbye. You’re doing this to me? Hel knows about this? She didn’t stop you?”

“That’s not all of it, Jor, and I wish I could tell you everything. But I can’t.” I run my hand over his hair, sighing. “Hel didn’t try to stop me because she knew she couldn’t. I am doing the only thing that I can do.”

“The only thing you can do that will make you free.” Jor sighs, looking up at me.


  ~How To Crush A Revolution

Aesthetic for the sweetest Laufeyson, Jor

Fenrir Laufeyson is the eldest son of Loki and Sigyn. Fenrir is actually the most like his dad out of the Laufeyson Trio. Because of his dad’s gifts, he has heightened senses and wolf ears that he covers with a hat. He works on the streets in a gang he made called The Valdr (old norse. look it up.). He operates under a “no kill” rule, because that is the deal he and Hel made. She doesn’t actively look for his activities, but if he does anything that kills anyone, she will put him in jail.

“Fenrir.” My hands are clasped loosely behind my back as I look at him. He has a new scar above his eyebrow. I trace it with my eyes, wondering what the story is behind it.

“You were looking for me.” He states, his grey furred ears perking up from behind his shaggy hair.

“I needed to keep a promise I made to your sister.” I walk towards him and he doesn’t move, his nose twitching. A reminder that he sometimes is just as wolf as he is man, though he may look like the latter.

~How To Crush A Revolution

Aesthetic for the rebellious Laufeyson

Well, this may well be the longest post I have ever written…

~Rubix/Ruby Sky


The Quote Challenge-Music Week

Hello Readers,

So Alyssa over at The Honeydrop Post nominated me for this months ago and I completely forgot, and recently Katherine over at Song Beyond Silence nominated me, so I figured I better get to it. Editthis was over a month ago so it’s really really late now.

Here are the pirate codes rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Post a new quote everyday for 3 consecutive days.
  • Nominate 3 new bloggers every day.

Thank you, Alyssa and Katherine, for bestowing this challenge upon me. Since I rarely post every day, I’m going to be doing three quotes every week or so. Thanks for the idea to do that, Katherine!

Photo credits to: Me, surprisingly (and they aren’t that good but I wanted to be creative).

You’ve got all that emotion, heaving like an ocean. And you’re drowning in a deep dark well. I can hear it in your voice, that if you only had a choice. You would rather be anyone else. But I love you just the way that you are. -Andrew Peterson (Be Kind To Yourself)

I’ve listened to this song so many times over the past year and it has never failed to bring me comfort. I also got to meet the musician who wrote it and tell him how much it meant, so that was amazing.

JJ quote.jpg
You walk into the world you make… You lose yourself but you, you find your way. I’m gonna watch you RADIATE. -Jack Johnson

This song is a happy, sort of sleepy song that brings a smile to my face. It reminds me of playing cards and sunshine.

The Beatles.jpg
Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. -The Beatles

Hey Jude has been one of my favorite songs for a while. I just love the lyrics and especially this bit because it’s small but inspiring. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

That closes out week 1: Music! Or… “Rubix tries to make her own graphics and minorly succeeds” week.




A Sketch of An Airplane Ride

Hello Readers,

You arrive on the plane, ideas swirling in your head with no place to write them. Excitement yanking your hand and that already home sickness feeling burning the back of your throat. The wait until take off is a feeling that tingles all throughout your body.

This is it. This is it.

You hold onto your armrests even though the takeoff is smooth and easy. It makes it more exciting as you exchange grins with your younger brother. You watch as people peer through the glass to watch the world become small before their very eyes. You wish you would have gotten a window seat. Maybe next time.

You swipe at the screen in the seat in front of you, turning up the volume as you watch that new action movie while a blond head finds its way into your lap. You were once small enough to curl in the seats too.

You turn off the screen after the third end credits roll. They weren’t exaggerating when they told you it’s near impossible to sleep well on an airplane. You shut your eyes and shove your earbuds in, trying to get some sleep. One thought keeps breaking through your music, keeping you awake.

This is it. This is it.

You drift off to sleep after accepting this fact. Turbulence wakes you up, but not the young blond head using your arm now as a pillow.

Only seven more hours to go.

This is it.



It’s The Little Things…

Hello Readers,

It’s always the little things, isn’t it?

The last whispered words that break us. Miniscule words, not even sad beside themselves but in this small moment they mean everything. They are the pebbles thrown at the nearly shattered glass. They push us over the edge. They are the added almost non existence bit of weight that drowns us in a sea of unknown.

It’s the little things.

The last poked fun at us that makes us rage and throw our fists, unable to contain ourselves. It’s that tiny thorn that breaks our skin, making us feel pain and rage. It’s the last taunt that causes us to lash out, the last barb that sticks too deep.

It’s the little things.

If it’s the little things that drive us to sadness, to anger, to envy, why can’t we let happiness fill us up with the little things. Why must the little things drive us to such taxing and sometimes unhealthy emotions but not to love and happiness? Why must in order to be happy we need some grandiose gesture? Why can we not be satisfied with the little things?

I’ve made it my mission to grab onto happiness when it sparks and let it blossom.

It’s the little things.

Going to the library and finding that one book you’ve been waiting for. Feeling the warmth of good tea. Your favorite song coming on the radio. Sinking into a comfortable bed at the end of a long day. Your favorite TV show’s theme song playing.

It’s the little things.

A conversation with someone you love. A hug when you need it the most. Teasing laughter and sprinkles on cupcakes. Messy watercolor paintings and fumbled piano chords. The sound of your favorite person’s voice and a bowl of warm soup.

Don’t be scared of being happy.

We aren’t scared of being sad or angry or envious or all the other emotions, why are we so scared of being happy?

Because it can be taken away.

So don’t let it be taken away. Feel it, live it. Choose it.

It’s the little things, my friends. The tiny almost miniscule things.

It makes all the difference.





Eight Times Professor Snape Was Extremely Relatable

Hello Readers,

Don’t worry, I have a serious post in the works, but I felt like doing something lighthearted and fun today. I was thinking about how I really related to a couple scenes with Severus Snape, so I decided I would put them all in a blog post because I had no other ideas and I need to write a post.

Pure brillance.

So let’s get to it!

  1. When He Made His Students Pay Attention


Image result for snape gifs harry and ron
 Me if I was a teacher.

2. When He Taught Life Lessons

Image result for it may have escaped your notice but life isn't fair
When I find myself in times of trouble, Professor Snape comes to me… 

3. When He Stopped Drama With Three Words


Related image
Oh, how I wish I could tell people this. 

4. When He Quieted A Room

Image result for silence severus snape gif
If only it worked this well for me.

5. When He Was Trying To Get Something And People Were Brats


Related image
I’m looking at you, Lupin. Withholding the map, indeed. 


6. When He Was Honest About Not Knowing Things

Image result for snape shrug gif
Though this is right before he duels Lockhart and wins easily. So perhaps it was less “I don’t know” and more “You don’t know”.


7. When He Demanded 100% Honesty

Image result for snape  gif
If only I looked that intimidating while demanding honesty.

8. When He Was Protective of His Knick Knacks

Image result for snape  gif
Everyone has been in this position. 


And that concludes my post for today!