Heroes & The Hard Things

Hello Readers, My heroes have been many different people over the years. Men and women, fictional and real, famous or unknown, these people have inspired me. They have made me try harder, reach further, dig my feet in when the world tries to pull me off the edge. I want to surpass my heroes. I [...]


The Reality of Failing Expectations

Hello Readers, I have been struggling a lot lately with thinking that I have failed people. Struggling with the fact that I can not always live up to people's expectations of me. And it's hard, it really is, to not be all that someone thinks you are. To not be able to reach that high [...]


Hello Readers, Sorry I haven't posted in awhile (that is, assuming people actually read these, haha). Just been busy/low on inspiration. Anyways, I, being a musician, have come to terms with something I like to call 'suffocation' (and I didn't just come up with that on the spot. Definitely not.). Now this isn't literal suffocation, [...]