Writing Music!

Hello Readers,

I am posting after only nine days!

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Seriously guys, I am impressed.

Though the only problem now is I have no clue what to write about.

Just great.

So until I find a good subject to write a whole post on, I’m going to give you some music recommendations. I listen to these songs while writing and they help me battle writers’ block on many occasions; but they just aren’t working currently. May they help you with cleaning or whatever task you must do.

  • morocco by moon taxi
  • simplify by brendan james
  • suit and jacket by judah and the lion
  • songs in the night by the gray havens
  • viva la vida by coldplay
  • the wolves by ben howard
  • life in color by onerepublic
  • visceral by john mark mcmillan
  • scars by james bay
  • the lucky ones by brendan james

Let me know what songs you enjoy!

~Ruby Sky







Writing and School: A Survival Guide

Hello Readers,

Just in time for Camp NaNoWriMo, I have a handy dandy sort of helpful(??) guide survival guide. Prepare to be amazed!

Step One:

Look At All That You Must Accomplish… AKA Panic


Love and Other Drugs
Mope and groan. Look at your plot, look at the pile of school.

After you have sufficiently been overwhelmed, move onto step two. It gets better from here.

Step Two:

Sort Out Your Priorities. 


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Be Obi-Wan, not Padmé. Do not be Padmé. You got this.

Look at what you need to get done that day, and please, look at it realistically. Factor in snack breaks and inevitable probable procrastination. Know your limits. Do not think things like “I can do five math lessons in an hour and then figure out that one plot hole in ten minutes.”

That. Will. Not. Happen. Realistically.

Trust me, I tried.

Step Three:

Start On The First Thing.


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I’m not dramatic, you’re dramatic.

You’re laughing, aren’t you? “Wow, Ruby, I had no idea I was supposed to start. Thanks for adding that to the list.” You’d be surprised at how many projects are never finished because they were never actually started because the person got too lazy and procrastinated.

The beginning is the hardest part of any project. The middle and the end are beasts as well.

Make yourself begin. Whether it’s googling that math formula that you need to memorize, writing the first sentence of a book, or finishing that latin homework you forgot about over spring break.

Because once you begin, you feel guilty if you do not finish.

Step Four:

Let Yourself Have Breaks, But Not Too Many or Too Long.

See, you start out with great intentions of only having a ten minute break or a couple breaks. And then you wind up an hour or twenty breaks later explaining yourself to the pile of work that needs to be done and you look something like this man below.


I never take too long breaks, what are you talking about?

And once you take too long or too many breaks, you start to crave the sun and fresh air. You want to talk to people.

Once that happens, you can’t go back to chipping away at your block of work. So do yourself a favor and limit the breaks. You can go lay in the sunshine when you’re done.

Step Five:

Work For The Allotted Time Period.

Once you have figured out how long you want your “work day” to be, every day, work for that entire amount of time. Plus breaks and whatnot. But don’t decide that you’re going to end earlier that day and go later the next. Do your best to have a rhythm. School and writing can be juggled chaotically, but still juggled. You’ve got this!

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Very important advice.

Step Six:

Once The Work Is Done, We Don’t Think About Work. 

The work is done. It does not matter anymore. Work has no hold on us. We are free. Free as a bird. Until tomorrow morning.

All joking aside, this is actually very important. Placing what you must do tomorrow out of your mind once you can do no more is actually healthy. You stress less, you can relax more, and you can get more done if there is an end in sight.

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You can be like this guy for the rest of the evening if you want.


Step Six:


Pretty self-explanatory.


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If only I could fall asleep that quickly.

Hope this was able to help those of you writers who were frantically looking for this guide. I got your back. 😉



My Dad’s Stories

Hello Readers,

I’m a storyteller, but I can’t claim the credit of being the only one in my family, because the real storyteller has always been my dad.

My dad isn’t a writer, actually, he doesn’t like to write.

But ever since I could understand words, he’s been telling me stories. And unlike my stories, which are purely fictional, my dad’s are true (mostly). And he is a master of his craft.

He spins words, laughing knowingly as you get to the edge of your seat to hear better, and don’t ever try to up his stories, because he will always, always win. I’m serious. Many have tried and gone down in a blaze.

I don’t know what life would be like without my dad’s stories, because I have grown up on those tales like some kids grew up on hamburger helper. There has been a story for everything, and there are certain stories that I have heard so many times I can tell them better than he can.

Some kids read Curious George, Little Bear, and the Princess and the Frog, and I read those too, but my diet consisted of “The First Time I Saw Your Mom” “The Time I Got A Weightbench and No Weights For Christmas” “The Time The Devil Dog Tried To Eat Me” “My Grandma’s Yellow Fingernails” “That Time Your Mom’s Roses Wilted and I Was Mad Cause I Paid For Them and They Died” “When You Were Small Enough That I Could Wrap You Up Like a Burrito” and so on and so forth.

As time went on, I heard more and more stories, and soon I was in a more than couple of them. “The Time We Went To Laos” “That One Time Your Brother Broke His Arm and We Used A Cardboard Tube As a Cast” “The Time I Got You a Chihuahua and Your Mom Was Unhappy”.

As people have left our life, those stories of my Dad’s have kept them close and remembered. Everything worth mentioning is a story.

My world hinges on those stories, because they remind me of what has made us who we are, what the people in our past, and beyond were like, and the fact that God still works miracles. Those stories are filled with hope and laughter, and a life worth living.

So when I write I’m just working off of the way my dad has told stories for my entire life. And maybe, maybe one day, I will be able to tell a cooler story than he can. (Doubtful, but it’s a good way to live life.)





How I Began.

Hello Readers,

It’s astonishing for me to look back at some of my old work and realize that I actually had people read this. That people actually commented and told me to continue. Because looking at my writing back then right now, I can honestly say it was crud.

But nobody told me that. They said “You’re still learning.” But they took it seriously and they told me to keep going, to keep learning.

Somehow they were able to look past the plot holes, the weak and shallow characters, the grammatical errors, and see a heart that wanted to be made known. I wore my heart on my sleeve, thought I knew a lot, and miraculously, I was protected. No one told me I was awful. I got critiqued yes, but what I heard a lot of in the beginning was, “I’m glad you’re writing. You’re good for your age. Keep writing and don’t stop.”

And I thought I knew so much. I sent my first novel to a lot of people, not all of them read it (don’t blame ’em, either.). I was proud, and I cringe now at the pride I had in work that was still developing.

Now? I’m much more cautious with my novels, I don’t let many people read them. Because I want my friends and family to have my best, after they read my worst and told me to continue.

So, in a sense, this blog is a love letter. This is my writing, laid bare for those who read my worst. This blog is a compromise. “You can’t read my novels yet, but here’s a piece of my heart.”. This blog is me sharing my thoughts and my writing with those people who refused to give up on me then, and now, because I’m still learning. Because I have learned so much. Because I will learn so much in the future.

This blog is me reaching out to people like me, to try and be that person that so many people were to me when I first started. An eleven year old who didn’t know what to do with her heart, so she wrote it on a word document.

Two years later, and I know a little more, I can write a whole lot better, but I’m still learning and those people are still telling me, “Keeping writing. Good job. You’re amazing. We love you.”

So when I look at this blog and can’t stand the thought of writing another post, for fear I will look back and cringe, when I don’t want to write another page on my novels because I don’t know enough yet, when I can’t stand to write poems, I hear this.

Keep writing. Keep writing and don’t look back. Keep writing and don’t give up. We believe you can do it. So prove us right, and make us proud.

Keep writing, Ruby.

I sigh and turn back to my word documents, because I never could say no to that voice. So I write. I write another chapter, a blog post, a poem. And it might just be my imagination, but I can feel them smile. And I look at what I wrote, and I can truly say.

“This is good.”



Little Reminders Everywhere

            Pens. A writer’s tool, a writer’s friend. I wear pens actually, always keep them behind my ear, in case a plot bunny attacks me. Which happens sometimes… still have some bruises from the one last week. I love getting asked “Why do you wear a pen?” and then I get to say (I never get tired of saying this) “‘Cause, I’m an author.” It feels so good to say that! I’m. An. Author! All of you writers out there say that with me right now. “I. AM. AN. AUTHOR!”

          Doesn’t that feel awesome? To say that? It always makes me smile. That’s why I wear my pen, because it’s this little reminder for me. Its weight is saying “You’re an author.” That, that makes me happy. Really happy. Plus, they’re good for whacking siblings with, but they’re mostly for writing ideas (or are they?).

         Also, I love mugs. I love the warm cozy feeling of a mug in my hand. I love what’s inside the mug. I had Vanilla Chai this morning (Thanks Mom for sharing! Thanks Aunt Julie for bringing ’em over here!) and it was delicious. Seriously, you have got to try Vanilla Chai. Go make some before you read the rest of this post, I’ll wait for you. Ok, good? You have your chai now? Alright, let’s continue…

     Something about mugs though, and pens, and both of those feelings mixed is reminding me “Hey. You’re an author. You’re good at this.” Who doesn’t love that feeling? That you’re doing what you love and it’s good! It’s that wonderful feeling you get when you get an email or a reply to a chapter and it might just be a couple words, but it’s saying “You did good.”

         I’ve started saying this a couple times a day, when I feel like my writing is crud and I’m never gonna make it out there with all those other books, “I’m an author. I’m still a beginner, BUT I’m an author.” Just because I’m not the next Tolkien now, doesn’t mean I won’t be able to publish a book in four years. I can do this. I am an author. And if you write, you’re one too. So let’s get out there and kick some words’ behinds! I’ll get the pens, you get the Vanilla Chai, we’ll meet later by the tree out back okay? See you then.

Struggling To Swim Across the 40K Ocean

        Hello again everyone! I believe I told you that I was doing Camp NaNoWriMo in my first post, if you forgot, or haven’t read it yet, here’s the link: I’m Back. So, I was trying to reach 50K, but a lot of stuff happened. Probably the most important event was that my aunt and cousin came to see us for a week! We live overseas so we don’t get to see family much so that was a HUGE surprise. And sadly, my writing lacked that week…

         Hence that, I have changed my word count goal to 40k, and I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to make that. I hope so, and I’m writing as fast as these fingers can go, but it’s hard. I knew that when I signed up for it, so I need to suck it up and get writing. Thanks to all you lovely people who continue to motivate me to keep on writing!:)

         At the moment, I am warding off writers block and trying not to run after plot bunnies. I’ve got a pen for a sword and my rough draft for a shield. It’s fun, but it’s challenging. I’m swimming across an ocean and I don’t know how wide it is, still avoiding the word count shark, though it did almost bite me the other day… Gotta go! Novels don’t write themselves (unless there’s a novel writing tree I don’t know about…)

Oh! Before I go, there’s a challenge over at my friend’s blog, here’s the link: The Challenge. I’m hoping to finish my entry by Wednesday, so watch for me over there. I think that’s it…

Until next time!